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Phonics is a method of teaching the English language. In Singapore, most children are required to know how to speak and write at such a young age. Not every child can easily learn how to speak well easily. Some takes a longer time than the others and it is normal.

Phonic is the use of other method rather than using conventional ways to teach English. They focus on pronunciation of each word to better memorize and pronounce each word correctly. Phonics is a fun way of teaching English, with this your child would not be bored by learning English itself. 

If your child is under performing in their lower secondary school in English, or even wanting to prepare them for primary school, getting a tutor to teach phonics is the best effective way. 

Here at Bright Tutor, our phonics tutors are trained and experienced in teaching phonics in a fun and engaging ways. They are qualified to teach kids at such a young age to learn phonics. One to one tutoring with your kids will ensure 100% attention given to only your kids and with this learning will be made easier as tutors are able to focus on one student at the time. With kids being active and attention span being little, our tutor will ensure that your kid will do well and are able to speak fluent English in no time. 

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