FAQ For Parents/Students

You can request for a tutor using any of the following methods:

(i) Contact us directly at +65 9058 3085 via call, SMS or WhatsApp.

(ii) Register your request @Online Tutor Request Form.

(iii) Email us directly at support@brighttutor.sg


There will be no charges to parents and students when we help you to find a tutor. Our services are 100% free to all clients looking for a tutor, with no hidden cost at all. Commissions are deducted from the 50% of tutor’s tuition fees (first two weeks) within the first month only. Parents are required to retain this 50% of tuition fee and pay to us directly.

An official invoice and reminder will be sent to you to assist you in this process. Tutor will then receive the tuition fees directly from parents after the commission has been cleared.

BrightTutor operates daily from 9am to 8pm, including weekends & public holidays. Alternatively, you can email or SMS us after office hours and we will get back to you on the next day.

Upon tutor request, you will usually receive all the qualified & suitable tutors’ profiles via SMS within 24 hours. Parents can also request for other alternatives to be contacted such as email or WhatsApp.

To provide you with the confidence in the qualification and ability of our tutors, we do a thorough screening & verification on our tutors’ educational credentials and certificates. We also do not hesitate to ban irresponsible and unprofessional tutors from our company, so that we can provide our clients the best tutors!

Our tuition agency takes great pride in the quality of tutors we provide for our parents, therefore educational credentials of the tutor are being verified before recommending them to the parents. Parent can also require the tutor to show proof of NRIC & educational certificates upon the first lesson.

All our tutors come from different teaching background, ranging from Part-Time & Full-Time Tutors to MOE Teachers. There are also tutors who are trained to handle students with special needs such as dyslexia & ADHD. Beside tutors specialising in the academic field, we also do have coaches for music and sports. Different rates apply for different types of tutors.

Do check our Tuition Rates page for more information on the different kinds of tutors.

Alternatively, you can contact us at +65 9058 3085

Home tuition is considered as a freelance job, and tutors quote their own rates. Tutors are also categorized according to the qualifications and experience, and we do not decide the tuition rates charged by the tutors. If you do not have an idea of how much to quote, you can refer to our Tuition Rates page for the update of the average tuition rates in the market. We strongly advise you to follow the market rates shown.

However, if your budget is slightly out of range, we will still do our best in helping you find a tutor. Feel free to contact us for advices on the tuition rates.

Clients will not be charged at all for any of our services, as our services to clients are 100% free. The commission will be deducted from the 50% of the tutor’s first month tuition fees. Client are required to pay that commission amount directly to us within 48 hours upon completion of the first 2 weeks’ lessons.

Client will be issued an official invoice on the commission amount upon confirmation of tuition assignment.

If at any point in time you feel that the tutor is not suitable for your child, you can inform us to cancel it anytime. There is no contract or any minimum lessons that you have to complete. Be it any reasons you find that the tutor does not match your expectations, please inform us right away and we will cancel or change a better tutor for you.

Please note that you still have to pay for all the lessons that has been already conducted by the assigned tutor.

If there is any need to change the tuition schedule within the first month, please contact us directly and we will help you to arrange with the tutor. Commission payment will be revised and a new invoice will be emailed to you.

BrightTutor strives to provide your child not only with the best tutors, but also the best tuition experience. We will closely monitor the tuition session within the first month, so feel free to contact us if you have any feedback regarding the assigned tutor. If you are not satisfied with the assigned tutor, we will find a tutor for you right away.

And if you have any feedback or any questions regarding our service, you can let us know via email or SMS. We are more than happy to hear it from you.

You are required to make the commission payment directly to BrightTutor within 48 hours upon completion of the first 2 weeks of lessons on the first month. Please note that our services to clients are 100% free and the commission payment is deducted from the 50% of the tutors’ tuition fees on the first month.

Payments can be made via bank transfer or cheque.

Upon confirmation of the assignment, an official invoice with details of commission payment and tutor’s information will be issued to you.

For bank transfer, you can transfer the payment via ATM or i-Banking.

Payee Name: Bright Home Tuition

Bank Details: POSB Savings (248-99092-9)

Swift Code: DBSSSGSG

Bank Code: 7171

Branch Code: 081

For cheque payments, the details will be on the official invoice that will be issued to you upon confirmation of tuition assignment. Do notify us once transaction is done for any payments. Please ensure to keep the receipt s proof of transaction. Please visit our Payment page for more information

If you have any questions, you can always contact us directly.