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Do you want to learn and excel in the Chinese language? Or are you looking for a good private Chinese tutor who can provide effective Chinese tuition in Singapore? We are the Top Chinese Tuition Agency in Singapore. Be it if you are taking this subject for PSLE, O-Level or A-Level Chinese, we can fulfil all your tutoring requirements.


BrightTutor has a team of experienced Chinese tutors that is able to provide Chinese tuition to both adults and students alike, ranging from PSLE Chinese tuition for primary school to Higher Chinese tuition for Junior College (JC). For Chinese home tuition for secondary school, our home tutors even provide secondary O Level Chinese tuition for IB & IP students. Our tuition agency aims to provide experienced Chinese tutors to cater to all your tutoring requirements. We also offer the lowest tuition rate for O level Chinese tuition in Singapore. Need a Chinese tutor? Contact us to find out more about our effective Chinese tuition!


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Importance of Chinese in Singapore


Chinese Tutor SingaporeWhy is learning Chinese is so important in Singapore? This question has been asked so many times by countless people throughout the years. Well, it is simply because Chinese mandarin is sought to be the language of the future. Based on the recent statistics and business reviews, and also on the rising rate of development in China, Chinese language is absolutely the language that would dominate the entire world sooner or later. That is why the world is already recognising the importance of learning Mandarin, even in the western countries.


In Singapore, the government has established extensive programme to help Singaporean students to enhance their Chinese proficiency, as it has been expected that China will have many job opportunities. Even in local markets, there are already a large number of Chinese multinational companies. Having a strong foundation in Chinese will absolutely help Singaporean students or even adults to succeed in a world while China is a growing economic influence.


Learning Chinese is now easier than ever before. BrightTutor Home Tuition Agency is the leading and most reliable provider for Chinese tutors in Singapore. Whether if you are looking for a Chinese tutor for your child or yourself, we will fulfil your tuition needs. In fact, we offer the lowest tuition rate for Chinese tuition in Singapore. Find your tutor now in a matter of hours. Yes, we mean it! Our average turnaround rate is less than 24 hours!


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Why Do You Need a Private Chinese Tutor?


It is no myth that Chinese has become an essential language in today’s economic situation. However, the attitude toward the language of our children has not changed much. Mandarin is still the major hurdle for most of our English-speaking youth. Let us explore on the reasons why and how you can overcome these obstacles your child might be facing:


Lack of Interest Against Chinese Language

O level Chinese Tuition SingaporeA lack of interest in a subject will eventually lead to bad grades, and normally bad grades will lead to resentment against the Chinese language. Nathan Hartono, one of our local singers stated,” Chinese became an unclimbable mountain. Since I didn’t have to use Chinese on a daily basis, I began to avoid it like crazy… I learn just enough to survive.”


It will sound familiar to most of you. Most of the students in Singapore regularly score A for other subjects, but when it comes to Chinese, they would do unexpectedly badly. How should we help our child at all? The best solution is to take the focus away from grades. Chinese is a beautiful language and many teachers in school fail to see this. Instead of trying to teach Chinese in an interesting way, they only focus on drilling the syllabus into the students’ brain. This will only make our children want to avoid this subject more. We highly recommend you encourage and bolster your child’s confidence by finding him a private Chinese tutor who does not only focus on grades as it will only discourage them even further or send him/her to a Chinese tuition centre in Singapore. A good Chinese tutor should be able to bring the fun out in Chinese and highlight the improvements your child has made and praise them when that happens. It gives them the confidence and wanting to excel in Chinese more.


Fun Side of Chinese Language

All of us have been to school. It is inevitable that there are subjects that you have found particularly boring in school. That is what our children are facing as well. It is not necessarily the fault of the subject, but rather, the way it is being taught. Although stories in Chinese textbook are meant to impart morals and values, but teachers have incorporated old fashioned and uninteresting ways to teach Chinese. In order to arouse the interest of your child in Chinese, we often advise parents to show the fun side of Chinese language. BrightTutor believes that a little pinch of interest each day adds up to big results. Our tuition agency offers a large pool of experienced Chinese tutors who will help your child to see the practical and relevant side of Chinese as a language and as a culture through fun and interesting Chinese tuition.


Wrong Focus in School

Our late forefather, Lee Kuan Yew stated that Singapore school’s emphasis on reading and writing Chinese was the wrong approach in 2009. Teachers in school has been making student memorised the entire passage only to “copy & paste” in exams. How do our children get to learn the language naturally?


The important thing to master Chinese is to understand the small steps required. You always have to start by cultivating a love for Chinese as a fun language. Then, focus on building confidence and passion for speaking and applying good Mandarin. Our qualified private Chinese tutors have experiences of teaching Chinese to students for many years, and naturally they do know what are the struggles your child might be facing and which method is most effective to arouse his/her interest in Chinese. Once your child is able to articulate their thoughts well in Chinese and build confidence in the subject, they will be able to improve tremendously in reading and writing in examinations.


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Affordable Chinese Tuition Rates in Singapore


Tuition Level Part-Time Tutors Full-Time Tutors Ex/Current MOE Tutors
Pre-School $20 – $25 $25 – $35 $45 – $60
Lower Primary $20 – $25 $30 – $40 $45 – $60
Upper Primary $20 – $35 $30 – $50 $50 – $70
Lower Secondary $30 – $35 $35 – $45 $50 – $70
Upper Secondary $30 – $40 $40 – $55 $65 – $80
Junior College $45 – $65 $60 – $80 $85 – $120
International School $30 – $70 $40 – $70 $70 – $90
Adult Language $35 – $45 $50 – $60
University  $60 – $70 $80 – $120


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BrightTutor Home Tuition Agency is the leading Chinese tuition agency in Singapore. Our dedication in fulfilling parents’ tuition needs has allowed us to be a reputable tuition agency that provide a pool of qualified Chinese tutors to cater to the growing demand for private Chinese tuition in Singapore. We strongly believe that having a strong foundation in Chinese will serve your child well in a huge advantage over his/her peers not only in examinations, but for his entire life.


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