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Principle of Accounts (POA) is a selective subject offered in O level exams for Secondary 3 and 4 Express and Normal Academic (NA) students. Students who have selected this particular subject will be exposed to the principles of accounting from Secondary 3.


Unlike many subjects in secondary school, POA is certainly one of the most favoured subjects as it applies very logical and interesting concepts and formulas. However, it requires extensive amount of time and knowledge to get the fundamentals right. In every businesses and company, there will always be a need to have accounting done, and having a strong foundation in POA will certainly benefit a student whether if he chooses to pursue a career or further education in accounting.


Over the years, Singapore has become a trading hub, and it is one of the most popular hotspot for local and international businesses to set up their business operation in Singapore. With that, the increase in the demand for accountants and finance experts is inevitable. That drives more and more students to study it, and POA tuition in Singapore has become very popular. Although it is a very practical and logical subject, it is not easy to score an ‘A1’ for POA examinations. Students have to score at least 90/100 in order to secure an ‘A1’ grade in O levels POA examinations. Because of the high bell curve, and wanting their child to gain an advantage over their peers, many parents choose POA home tuition, and believe it or not, POA is becoming even more popular than Maths and English tuition in Singapore.


Our tuition agency has been known as the leading and reliable POA tuition agency in Singapore, and we strive to provide experienced POA tutors specialised in providing effective POA tuition for secondary, O/A level, IP and even IB.


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Importance of Principles of Accounts (POA)


POA Tutor SingaporePrinciples of Accounts (Syllabus Code 7175) aims to provide students with a basic introduction to financial accounting and develop an appreciation to the discipline of accounting. “Financial Accounting” might be a familiar term to many of you, but do you know what it is really about? It is basically an information system based on generally accepted accounting principles where it involves the recording and processing of business transactions and communicating the recorded information to owners and stakeholders. It is very important as the information will also be used to evaluate the performance of a business and facilitate decision-making.


There are many advantages for students who are studying POA, as this subject helps students to develop knowledge and skills of Financial Accounting:



·        Basic financial statements and the preparation and information of each aspect

·        Basic forms of business entities, and procedures applied to represent owners’ interests

·        Use of financial information and financial ratios for evaluation of profitability, liquidity and inventory management

·        Accounting information system and methodology used to collate, record, organise and summarise information



·        Apply double entry system of recording business transactions

·        Analysing and interpreting financial statements

·        Analysing the effect of accounting transactions on financial statements

·        Organising and presenting accounting information in ledger accounts and financial statements


With so many skills and knowledge to benefit POA students, it also takes time and effort to learn them, as it is not an easy subject. Commonly because of the benefits and the competitiveness of POA, many parents engage our private POA tutors to help their child start preparing for examinations early. While possessing good track record, our experienced POA tutors will not only help your child in producing good results for his POA exams, but also develop a strong passion and foundation for accounting. We believe that is equally important.


Our experienced POA tutors provide passionate and effective POA tuition with clear explanation and concepts, and this will help your child in solving problems with understanding and not memorising. Most of our POA tutors also have readily available studying materials and latest exam papers to gain your child additional exposure and practice with up-to-date POA exam questions.


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Career Opportunities for Accounting Graduates


In the business climate today, financial accounting is more than just crunching the numbers. Accounting has become a rapidly growing career field. With the rise in regulation when it comes to business, the increasing demand of accounting staff in each company is inevitable.


POA Accounting TuitionFor accounting graduates, there are many career aspects and many fields available such as cost accounting, forensic accounting, internal auditing, independent accounting and management accounting. In addition, accounting gives you the necessary to move in to other areas of business. When you are working with accounting, you will experience a wide array of different areas of a business, making it easier to transit to another department if you wish. Beyond that, studying accounting can be helpful in many areas in life, such as understanding about the financial markets, money and taxes and monetary policy in local and global markets.


And best of all, and accounting graduate can fetch a starting salary of $3,500! In Singapore, being a growing economic trading hub, POA accounting graduates have many career opportunities in almost any industry.


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Latest POA Tuition Rates in Singapore


Tuition Level Part-Time Tutors Full-Time Tutors School Teachers
Secondary 3 EXP & 4 NA $25 – $35 $40 – $50 $65 – $75
Secondary 4 EXP & 5 NA $30 – $40 $40 – $55 $65 – $80
JC1 $45 – $60 $60 – $70 $85 – $110
JC2 $50 – $65 $65 – $80 $95 – $120
International School $30 – $50 $40 – $60 $70 – $90
University Level $60 – $70 $80 – $120


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