Commission Policy

Our tuition services for our clients (parents & students) are 100% free with no hidden charges.

Our commission policy is part of BrightTutor’s term of use. By registering with us, you are agreeing to this policy.

Clients are supposed to help us in the process of commission payment by dealing with us directly.


Commission Period

The commission period occurs during the first 2 weeks of the first month of tuition. The tuition sessions conducted during the commission period is collected as commission. Thus, 50% of the tuition fees during the first 4-weeks of active lessons is to be paid to BrightTutor. Parents are required to make the payment directly to us via bank transfer or cheque within 48 hours upon completion of the first 2 weeks of lessons. The client will receive an official invoice on the commission amount, as well as the details on when & how to make the payment to us.

After the commission period, parents can make the payment for future lessons directly to the tutor. For the subsequent months, tutor will receive the full tuition fees.

To facilitate the payment process, parents are to make the payment to us directly and tutors are strictly banned from collecting the payment on our behalf, unless stated otherwise by us.

Important note for tutors: Payment due to you by our tuition agency may take up to 14 days to process. Please be patient while your fees are being process. Any form of continued harassment may result in blacklisting.


Changes to Frequency of Tuition Sessions

If there are any changes to the lesson frequency or duration within the first month, parents or tutors are required to notify us on the new updated tuition schedule and we will adjust the commission amount accordingly. 

If the frequency and duration of lessons is not uniform, BrightTutor will determine the commission based on the long-term duration or frequency of the tuition lessons.


Scenario 1:

Client engages the tutor for 2x/week (a total of 8 lessons per month), but will like to start with 1x/week for the first 2 months, due to the reason that her child’s schedule is packed with activities. After 2 months of tuition, she will then change it to 2x/week. The agency commission charged to tutor will be based on long-term, which is 2x/week, hence 4 lessons (not 2 lessons).


Scenario 2:

Client engages the tutor for 1x/week, $50/hr. She decides to have tuition for 2 hours per lesson, but will like to try the first lesson for 1 hour first. The agency commission charged will be based on long-term, which is 2 hours. Thus, the commission will be charged from the second lesson (2 hours) onwards.


Cancellation of Assignment

During the first month of tuition, parents can cancel the assignment if they find that the assigned tutor is not suitable. BrightTutor will help the parents to look for a more suitable tutor if they request it. Parents are still required to pay for all the tuition sessions that have already been conducted. Payments must be made directly to BrightTutor, and we will disburse the amount to the tutor accordingly. Please note that 50% agency commission still applies.

However, if the reason for the cancellation of assignment is due to unethical and unprofessional acts of tutor such as being frequent unpunctuality or usage of phone during lessons, BrightTutor might not disburse any amount to the tutor. If cancellation is initiated by the tutor, he/she will not get any payment as well.

Upon confirmation of tuition assignment, the tutor cannot cancel it or fail to show up on the day of the first lesson. If such act is committed, tutor must compensate us a sum of $50 as administrative charges. BrightTutor will also not hesitate to ban your account.

However, if tutor wish to cancel the assignment due to acceptable reasons, he/she is required to give an advanced notice of at least 3 days before the next lesson to both BrightTutor and client. Else, the tutor will not receive any payment for the lessons conducted. Tutors are highly advised to verify their schedule before taking up any assignments to prevent such inconvenience to the client as well as our company.

Important note for tutors: BrightTutor reserves all rights to determine, by its sole discretion, the final commission for each and every tuition assignment. We will not entertain any tutors who try to argue their way through and debate about our terms and conditions. Tutors who cause any inconvenience or harassment will be blacklisted immediately without warning.


Short-Term Assignments

For short-term assignments & crash courses, we will collect 25% of the total tuition fee.


What is considered as short-term assignments or crash courses?

Short-term assignments are defined when students who require only a fixed number of lessons within 2 months (8 weeks of lessons).

Any tuition assignments that require more than 2 months of commitment from tutor, is defined as long-term assignments.

Long-term assignments that are terminated due to various reasons are not to be considered as short-term assignments.


Our Fair Commission Scheme

BrightTutor is committed and strives to protect the welfare of our tutors. For short-term assignments only, our commission shall not exceed 25% of the total earnings of tutor.


Changes Between Long-Term and Short-Term

Normally, a tuition job will be specified as either long-term or short-term upon confirmation. However in some cases after tuition has already commenced, the tuition arrangement might suddenly change from long-term to short-term, or vice versa.

For changes from long-term tuition assignments to short-term tuition assignments,  the original commission rate of 50% will be adjusted to short-term commission rate of 25%.

On the other hand, for changes from short-term tuition assignments to long-term tuition assignments, commission rate will increase from 25% to 50%.


Payment & Reimbursement to Tutor

Any reimbursement or payment to tutors will be made within 14 days ONLY AFTER the tutee has made payment to our tuition agency.

Important note for tutors: BrightTutor reserves all rights to determine, by its sole discretion, the final commission for each and every tuition assignment. We will not entertain any tutors who try to argue their way through and debate about our terms and conditions. Tutors who cause any inconvenience or harassment will be blacklisted immediately without warning.


Basic Agency Rules for Tutors

As a registered tutor of our home tuition agency, you are required to meet the expectations not just by the parents, but also BrightTutor, your tuition agency. Tutors are expected to follow these 4 simple rules when dealing with our tuition coordinators.


Rule #1: Responsibility

Once we have confirmed your tuition assignment, it is your duty to make sure you stick to the agreed schedule, frequency and period of commitment of the tuition assignment. Failure to do so will be deemed as an irresponsible act, and continued attempts may cause you to be blacklisted in our tuition agency.


Rule #2: Integrity

Any attempts to evade the commission, or any unethical and unreasonable acts will result in blacklisting with our tuition agency. Depending on the severity of the situation, legal actions might be taken against the tutor.


Rule #3: Keep us informed

Any changes to the frequency of lessons within the first 4 weeks of tuition assignment must be made known immediately to our tuition agency. We are not liable for any changes that are not informed. We may also make a claim if we are not being informed of an increase in the frequency of lessons.



BrightTutor reserves the right to amend our Commission Policy at any time without prior notice to any parties.