Terms & Conditions

Terms & Condition for Cilent(Parents/Student)


BrightTutor is committed to get clients highly qualified tutors but does not guarantee that the tutor would improve the results of the tutee. We believe in acting upon mutual efforts of both parties by engaging in an effective way to improve the results. For students, actions such as self-revision and attentiveness in school is essential to improve the performance in examinations.

In no case, BrightTutor will be responsible for the poor academic results of students. Clients are liable to pay the fees for all the attended tuition sessions, regardless of how satisfactory the lessons would be.

We can only guarantee to do our best on our part to help clients find the most qualified tutors.

However, if you are unsatisfied with the assigned tutor, you can always give us a call so that we can arrange a replacement or cancellation of the tutor. Please note that all lessons conducted must be paid.

All our tutors’ information and credentials are verified by BrightTutor personnel manually, If you would like to personally verify the assigned tutor’s credentials you can request the tutor to bring their certificates on the first lesson.


Rates & Schedule

Upon tutor request, our coordinators will advise and quote the tuition rates to you. Both tutor and client must be agreeable to the rates proposed by both parties before confirmation of tuition assignment. Once the rates are fixed, our coordinators will move on to confirm the assignment, and rates will be strictly non-negotiable from then, unless approved by our company. If the tutor tries to negotiate the rate without the acknowledgement of BrightTutor, you should inform us right away as it is strictly discouraged by our company. If we receive such complaints against a tutor, BrightTutor will take severe actions.

The tuition schedule, as well as the date and time of the first tuition session shall be fixed upon confirmation. Once it has been fixed, clients are still allowed to renegotiate, under the condition that the assigned tutor agrees to the renegotiated schedule. Any changes to the tuition schedule within the first month of lessons must be made known to BrightTutor, so that we can adjust our commission according to our Commission Policy.


First Lesson

Once you have accepted the assigned tutor, you are advised not to change the schedule of the first lesson. Thus, we appreciate if you can verify the schedule before confirming the tuition assignment. If there is a need for changes in the schedule, client should inform us in advance so that we can make necessary arrangements. We also recommend client to check the educational qualifications of the tutor on the first lesson. Upon confirmation of the tuition assignment, client and tutors are required to complete at least 1 lesson. If client wish to cancel the assignment after 1 or more lessons for any particular reason, he/she is liable to only pay for the lessons that have been conducted and for any remaining fees paid in advance to BrightTutor, our company will refund it.

Please note that we do not provide tutor’s contact number until the very first lesson, do inform our agency if there is any changes or note that needed to inform the tutor before the first lesson.


Payments & Commission

Services provided to client is 100% free, and commission will be deducted from the 50% of tutor’s first month tuition fees. Thus, client does not have to pay the tutor during the first two weeks of lessons. Upon completion of the first 2 weeks of the first month’s lessons, client is required to pay 50% of first month’s fee to us via cheque or bank transfer to Bright Tutor and all the payments should be made within 48 hours. There will be a reminder sent to the client on the payment via SMS or email. It is advisable for clients to pay the amount to us on time, else he/she might be liable to pay for the administrative cost if the payment has been delayed for an extended period.  Tutors will start receiving the payment from clients directly from the 3rd week onwards.

Please take note that tutors are strictly banned to collect this payment on our behalf. If client make a payment to the tutor directly and we do not receive it from the tutor, the client would be responsible for the loss. To avoid such confusion and inconvenience, we highly advise the client to make the payment to us directly and notify us upon transaction, so that we can verify the payment upon transaction. Please keep the receipt or transaction ID so that it can ease the payment verification process.

Once the tuition assignment has been confirmed, we will send an official invoice that include the details and commission amount of the assignment to the client via email. It will also state the instructions on the payment procedure. If there are any changes in the number of lessons during the first month, client should inform BrightTutor immediately and we will send out a new invoice on the newly-calculated commission.

Please note that we do not provide any trail lessons. If you find that the assigned tutor is not suitable or does not meet your requirements, you can ask for change of tutor and we will assist you in that. However, you are still required to pay for the lessons conducted by the tutor to us directly, and we will sort out the payment to the tutor.

Client must adhere to the payment modes proposed by us. If the client wishes to pay using other payment modes, he/she must be agreeable to possible additional administrative charges under the condition that BrightTutor agrees to the suggested payment mode.


Cancellation and Postponement

Clients can make changes to the tuition schedule after the first lesson is conducted. However, we do not recommend this as the tutor has already clear his time slot just for you. If you still want to make changes to the tuition schedule within the first month of lesson, please consult and discuss with our coordinators and we will make the necessary adjustment to the schedule, under the condition that the tutor accepts it.

Client are allowed to request for a replacement or cancellation of tutor at any time after the first lesson, but are still liable to pay for the conducted lessons to BrightTutor. BrightTutor will collect fees for the lessons that have been conducted directly from the client and will resolve all payment issues owing to the tutor. BrightTutor will also have the final say as to the percentage of the fees should be deducted from the tutor as agency commission. Therefore, for cancelled tuition assignments, clients must deal directly with the agency. Client shall be liable for the commission under the circumstances when he/she has made the payment directly to the tutor and our agency has failed to collect our commission from the tutor.

If there is any postponement or cancellation of any lesson needed within the first month of lessons, client shall inform our company and the tutor beforehand. Client should inform the assigned tutor regarding the cancellation or postponement not less than two hours before the start of the first lesson. If not, client shall be liable to pay 50% of 1 lesson for the loss time and transportation cost to the tutor. The amount payable should be paid in cash to the tutor immediately on next lesson or through bank transfer if assignment has been cancelled.

Supported information regarding payment is found on the Payment page.


Delayed Payments & Unethical Customers

BrightTutor will always do its best in providing the best tutors to clients, but we cannot guarantee client 100% satisfaction in the assigned tutor. Upon confirmation of tuition assignment, client is fully liable to pay the 50% of first month’s fee to BrightTutor.

We will send out multiple payment reminders to client if he/she has not made any payment within 48 hours. However, if client still fails to make any payments to us despite the repeated reminders, he/she will be subjected to the following:

  • Late payment fees for administrative costs
  • Filing of police report
  • Lawsuit
  • Blacklisted by Singapore tuition agencies

BrightTutor will not be responsible for any claims regarding any injury, damage or loss during the tuition sessions conducted in your home. We are just an agency for matching tutors and clients, and we are not subjected to pay such loss. If tutor is found involved in the loss and damage to the client’s property, he will be charged to pay for the losses.

BrightTutor will step in to facilitate payments if there is any dispute over the tuition fees between both client and tutor. However, we will not hold any legal liabilities for any cost if the conflict persists. Therefore, we highly encourage all clients to pay their tuition fees on time, to avoid such unpleasant incidents.



BrightTutor reserves the right to amend our Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice to any parties. If there is any conflict or argument, we may step in to offer our assistance and views, but we will not act as arbitrator or mediator. We do not hold any responsibility to resolve any complications that happen during the conflict.

Terms & Condition for Tutors


BrightTutor will verify & do a thorough screening on all tutor applications and we reserve the right to reject your application, edit or cancel/delete your account at any point of time.

Individual who wish to register as one of our tutors needs to be at least 16 years old and residing in Singapore with a minimum of ‘O’ Level or diploma qualification.

Tutors must ensure all information provided is accurate and be 100% honest at all times. Any cheating attempts or any forms of forgery will not be tolerated, and such tutors will be reported to the police. We also reserve complete rights to reject any applicants.

Upon registration as our tutor, you allow us to use your information such as such as your name, mobile number, gender, qualification, occupation and subjects that you can teach to the client. Personal information such as your address will be kept classified unless agreed by you or required by law.



During registration, you are required to scan and upload a softcopy of your certifications as stated in your profile. At any point in time if requested by our company or clients, you are required to present your certificates for verification purposes. We highly advise you to bring them during the first lesson of all the tuition assignments.


Assignments, Commitment and Professionalism

Tuition request from our client will be forwarded to tutors via call or SMS if they met the basic requirements. Once any tutors have registered with us, they have agreed to allow us to send them tuition assignment at any time.

If you are interested in taking up any of the assignments, you are required to contact us via call or SMS, with the required details stated in the SMS. Please note that assignments would be assigned to tutors preferred by client and our company reserve complete rights to reject any applications for any assignments.

Upon assignment confirmation, you are required to commit to at least a month of tuition if there is no period stated. If you fail to do so, or even cancel or postpone any lessons within the first month, we may consider blacklisting you as this is an act of irresponsibility. However, if the assignments stated the period of commitment by client such as 6 months, tutor must comply and commit during the stated period. Failure to do so is an act of irresponsibility and may be blacklisted. Postponement or cancellation of the tuition assignments are strongly discouraged by our company. To uphold our reputation, as well as the mission to provide the best tutors to our clients, we will keep a complete check over the activities and conduct of tutors and we will withdraw those irresponsible and unprofessional ones from our agency.

BrightTutor understands that all our tutors are freelance and each of them has different ways conducting their lessons. However, we expect all tutors to conduct themselves appropriately in a professional and moral manner. If there are any complaints from client regarding unprofessional and unethical conduct of tutors, we will not hesitate to terminate the assignment after verifying the incident to be true.

These are some of the general guidelines for professional conducts during lesson:

  • Prevent any sort of delays or cancellations for all your lessons, especially the first lesson. First impression counts!
  • If you are unable to conduct a lesson due to sudden sickness, inform at least 3 hours beforehand. MC (Medical Certificate) needs to be provided as proof.
  • Show your passion by making your lessons engaging and fun. Be willing to share your knowledge and clear any doubts or questions the student has.
  • Reach 5 to 10 minutes before the tuition start time so you and the tutee and ample time to prepare for the lesson.
  • Be extra patient to the student! That’s what you are here for. No physical or verbal abuse will be tolerated from any tutor.
  • Keep track of the progress of tutee and regularly update yourself of the latest syllabus
  • Keep all the testimonials and track records. You can provide this information to increase your chances of securing more assignments.


Commission & Payment

Tuition fee is based on the tuition rate agreed by both tutor and client before confirmation of the assignment. Upon confirmation, both client and tutor will receive an official invoice from BrightTutor via email, stating the commission payment and all the details of the assignment. Commission will be deducted from 50% of the first month of tuition fees. Client are strictly required to make the commission payment directly to our company upon completion after the first 2 weeks’ lessons during the first month. Tutors are strictly banned to collect any payments on our before unless stated otherwise.

Please check our payment page for the payment details and procedures. You can also choose to contact us directly if you have more questions.

Tutor will not be paid during the first two weeks of lessons during the first month, as the commission is deducted from the fees during this period.

Tutor will start receiving payment directly from client from the third week onwards. Future payments after the commission period can be discussed and scheduled between the tutor and client. If there are any additional lessons added during the first month, client is liable to inform BrightTutor directly, so that the commission will be recalculated and a new invoice will be generated and sent out. Please refer to our commission policy page for more details.

All clients are encouraged to pay their tuition fees on time. BrightTutor will step in to facilitate payment if there is any dispute over the tuition fees between both client and tutor. However, we hold no legal liabilities for any cost if the conflict persists. We highly advise that tutor discuss with the client regarding the payment after the commission period, and come to an agreement when and how the tuition fees should be settled, to avoid such unpleasant incidents.

Supported information regarding Payment & Commission Policy can be found on respective pages.


Changes to lesson frequency and duration

If the frequency and duration of lessons is not uniform, BrightTutor will determine the commission based on the long-term duration or frequency of the tuition lessons

Scenario 1:

Client engages the tutor for 2x/week (a total of 8 lessons per month), but will like to start with 1x/week for the first 2 months, due to the reason that her child’s schedule is packed with activities. After 2 months of tuition, she will then change it to 2x/week. The agency commission charged to tutor will be based on long-term, which is 2x/week, hence 4 lessons (not 2 lessons).

Scenario 2:

Client engages the tutor for 1x/week, $50/hr. She decides to have tuition for 2 hours per lesson, but will like to try the first lesson for 1 hour first. The agency commission charged will be based on long-term, which is 2 hours. Thus, the commission will be charged from the second lesson (2 hours) onwards.


Unethical acts

BrightTutor strives on a mission to provide the best tutors to our clients. Thus, we do not tolerate any unethical and unprofessional tutors. Unethical acts can be of the followings:

  • Cheating, theft or damage of client’s property
  • Physical or verbal abuse
  • Frequent unpunctuality
  • Sleeping or using mobile devices during tuition lessons
  • Falsification of qualifications and certificates

If found guilty of such unethical acts, the tutor might face:

  • Filing of police report
  • Blacklisted by Singapore tuition agencies
  • Lawsuit


Tuition venue

The location will be at the students’ home unless agreed upon by our company, client and tutor.


Assignment Cancellation

Upon confirmation of tuition assignment, the tutor cannot cancel it or fail to show up on the day of the first lesson. If such act is committed, tutor must compensate us a sum of $50 as administrative charges. BrightTutor will also not hesitate to ban your account.

However, if tutor wish to cancel the assignment due to acceptable reasons, he/she is required to give an advanced notice of at least 3 days before the next lesson to both BrightTutor and client. Else, the tutor will not receive any payment for the lessons conducted. Tutors are highly advised to verify their schedule before taking up any assignments to prevent such inconvenience to the client as well as our company.

If the client is the one who cancel the assignment after the first lesson due to possible reason of unsuitable assigned tutor, he/she is still required to pay the full sum of the lesson conducted directly to BrightTutor and we will pay 50% of it to the tutor. However, if the cancellation of the assignment is due to any unethical acts of tutor, BrightTutor will retain the full amount and the tutor will not be paid at all.


Dispute and Final Judgement

BrightTutor reserves the complete right to have the final say regarding the payments from the tutor and how much to pay the tutors for all tuition arrangements.



BrightTutor reserves the right to amend our Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice to any parties. If there is any conflict or argument, we may step in to offer our assistance and views, but we will not act as arbitrator or mediator. We do not hold any responsibility to resolve any complications that happen during the conflict.