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Be it if you are looking for combined history/ SS tuition or combined geography/ SS tuition, BrightTutor will help you find the most suitable tutors for your tutoring requirements. We are the leading social studies home tuition agency for social studies in Singapore, so rest assured of the social studies tutor that we will be providing for you. Forget about the troublesome registration process of social studies tuition centres. Our free-and-easy sign-up process takes only 3 mins to complete. Send us a tutor request today and you will get an qualified and experienced social studies tutor for private 1-to-1 home tuition!


Importance of Social Studies


Social Studies Tutor SingaporeStudents in Singapore are first exposed to social studies when they are in primary school, but why do they have to go through learning social studies in primary and secondary school? While social studies highlight the past and the present of Singapore to allow Singaporean students to understand about Singapore history and what makes Singapore it is today, it is also taught to allow students to be good citizen among different cultures, religions and races in Singapore. Through social studies, students in Singapore are groomed to let them understand, participate and make decisions about the nation, or even the world.


Social studies aim to help our children to develop the awareness of the world and the environment and allows them to understand how the world and different societies have evolved and how enduring ideas and eminent personalities in the past have helped created the world we live in today. This in turn helps our children to understand their place in the world.


Social studies also help our students to develop critical thinking abilities, as it inculcates higher order thinking abilities and skills such as evaluation & synthesis, comprehension and analysis. Through social studies syllabus, students gain information to make relevant observations and point out similarities and differences and make connections between related concepts. It also helps to foster creativity, for example, social studies exams will come up with questions such as asking social studies student to think about ways or new solutions and policies to help reduce poverty.


In conclusion, social studies tuition will be able to help your child to create critical and creative thinking abilities to help them assimilate into the society and contribute responsibly to the nation and the world they live in.


Let Your Child Grow Into a Morally Responsible Person with Social Studies Tuition!


O-level Social Studies in Secondary School


Humanities Tuition SingaporeSocial studies in primary school is a recreational subject in Singapore, and does not add up to the overall aggregate score. However, it is a much more significant subject in secondary school. In fact, it is one of the most popular subjects taken for O levels exams, and that is because it is compulsory to take O level social studies along with either history or geography in order to gain entry to O level exams.


Many Singaporean parents tend to be more concerned and think that their child only need to perform better in their core humanities subject such as history and geography, but this is where the problem lies.


If your child is planning to take combined humanities in O level, social studies is of the same percentage of either history or geography, and with that said, it is equally important. In spite of this fact, many students do not allocate the same amount of time and effort for O level social studies, and spend more time on history or geography, and hence, neglecting social studies in the process. In the long run, it is not logical to do so and it is one of the main reason why students struggle to get good grades for their O level combined humanities exams. Does it make sense to only focus on the other half of the subject when social studies and history/geography makes up for 50% of the overall weightage of O level combined humanities? It doesn’t, does it?


As such, we highly recommend your child to spend the same amount of time and effort on their social studies tuition and put in the necessary hours preparing for O level social studies exams. Having a social studies tutor will help your child to better manage his time and improve his grades for O level social studies exams, and how to study smarter for his O Level Combined Humanities exams. It is commonly known that answering techniques and analytical skills are tested in the social studies exam. Our social studies tuition will equip your child with such skills and ensure he or she applies it correctly in the exam.


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Private Social Studies Tutor for your child


By far, you should have realised the importance of social studies as a subject to your child. Through our effective home tuition, your child will gain advantages over his peers and excel in O level social studies exam and allow him to widen his opportunities and choices to further education in the future.


The main reason why having a good social studies tutor will help your child is that he/she will be provided 100% dedicated attention and guidance from the social studies tutor who is familiar with the social studies curriculum and updated O level social studies syllabus. BrightTutor Home Tuition Agency has a large team of experienced social studies tutor who are specialised in incorporating effective lesson plans and come up with study-smart tips for your child. They are also able to include fun elements to make social studies a fun and interesting subject in order to arouse the interest in your child and let your child understand the concepts better. With that, your child will learn and have fun at the same time.


The only way to truly help your child to excel in O level social studies is to hire an excellent humanities tuition teacher. Whether if you are looking for pure or combined humanities tuition, need a male or female tutor, or prefer humanities tuition teacher from MOE, we will meet your tuition needs.


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Latest Social Studies Tuition Rates in Singapore


Tuition Level Part-Time Tutors Full-Time Tutors School Teachers
Secondary 1 – 2 $25 – $35 $35 – $45 $60 – $70
Secondary 3 EXP & 4 NA $25 – $35 $40 – $50 $65 – $75
Secondary 4 EXP & 5 NA $30 – $40 $40 – $55 $65 – $80
JC1 $45 – $60 $60 – $70 $85 – $110
JC2 $50 – $65 $65 – $80 $95 – $120
International School $30 – $50 $40 – $60 $70 – $90
University Level $60 – $70 $80 – $120


BrightTutor Home Tuition Agency offers the lowest Social Studies tuition rates among other tuition agencies and centres in Singapore. We have a large pool of experienced undergraduate tutors starting from only $25 per hour and our regular full-time tutors and MOE teachers cost slightly higher with their many years of experience. We also have qualified tutors who are specialized in teaching other Humanities (History, Geography & Social Studies) subjects for O level and A level examinations. Whatever your budgets are, we will do our best to help you find a tutor that matches your tuition needs.


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