FAQ For Tutor

Please register with us at our Tutor Registration page. Please strictly provide only accurate information and elaborate more on your tutor background & experiences. Do not forget to upload your educational qualifications & certificates for verification purposes. Parents tend to be interested in tutors who provide more details about their experiences. Upon registration, we will send you a verification email and once you verified your account, we will start sending you tuition assignments via SMS within 24 hours once we verified all your information. If you want to apply for any of the assignments, please reply with the required details according to the assignment code and format recommended shown in the SMS.

Alternatively, you can like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for our latest updates of tuition assignments.

No, there are no registration fees when you sign up as our tutor. Upon registration, you will start receiving tuition assignments from us via SMS.

Notifications of available tuition assignments will be sent out via SMS. In order to get the relevant levels and subjects that you prefer to teachm please select them accordingly in the tutoring preference during the registration. You can edit them again when you log in to your profile. Please ensure your provide the correct contact number on your tutor account, as we will be sending the SMS notifications to the contact number you have provided.

If there are any more questions/problems, feel free to contact us during operating hours.

You need to be at least 16-year-old in to register as one of our tutors. Also, you need to possess at least O/A level qualifications or a diploma qualification. If you are found providing false information, your account will be banned and legal actions might be taken against you.


There is a one-time commission charge of 50% of the first month’s tuition fee. There will be no additional charges imposed after the first month. Parents will be making the commission payment to us directly, and tutor are strictly banned from collecting the payment for us unless requested from the agency.

Please take note that short-term assignments will have different commission rate.

For more information please visit our Commission Policy.

Tutors are strongly advised to upload all their relevant certificates during tutor registration, so that we can verify your tutor profile. Tutors who have their qualifications verified has a higher chance of getting more tuition assignments from us.

Tutors are also required to produce the certificates and NRIC on the first lesson to the parents for verification.

This depends. If you find that you have lesser experience or qualification than most of the tutors, you are strongly advised to lower your tuition rate. Some parents might have lower tuition budget and thus, looking for tutors with lower tuition rate. By doing so, you increase the chance of securing more of such tuition assignments, as well as building up you experience as a tutor.

After the commission period (first 2 weeks of the first month), parents will pay the tutor directly, either by cash or bank transfer. Tutors have to discuss with parents directly and come to a mutual agreement on payment will be made after the commission period.

Please kindly contact us directly, and our coordinators will help you to withdraw from receiving any tuition assignment alerts.

We do verify and process every application for our tuition assignments. However, we only contact to the shortlisted tutors due to the overwhelming responses for all our tuition assignments. But do not give up! Keep applying & we will do our best in helping you find an assignment!

Tutors are to commit at least a minimum period of 1 month if there is no commitment period stated. However, some parents will request tutors to commit a couple of months till the student takes his final examination. For such cases, it will be mentioned in the SMS. Only tutors who can commit to such assignments within that period are advised to apply.

We expect our tutors to be responsible by adhering to the requested length of commitment. We will not hesitate to blacklist any tutors who do not keep their commitment.

Upon confirmation of tuition assignment, the tutor are not allowed to cancel it or fail to show up on the day of the first lesson. If such act is committed, tutor must compensate us a sum of $50 as administrative charges.

If the tutor initiate the termination of the tuition assignment due to acceptable reasons, he/she is required to give an advanced notice of at least 3 days before the next lesson to both BrightTutor and client. A certificate of proof would also be needed to verify the acceptable reason given. 

50% of the fees for all the lessons conducted will still need to be paid to BrightTutor as commission. Parents will pay the tuition fees for all the lessons conducted, directly to us. We will disburse the amount accordingly to the tutor within 7 days after payment from parents. 

However, if for unacceptable reasons or unethical behaviours, BrightTutor might not disburse any payments to the tutors.

To increase the chances of securing an assignment, you can:                             

1. Include all the information of your educational background such as the schools or courses you have graduated from

2. Upload your qualifications and any relevant certificates during tutor registration.

3. Elaborate on your experience such as the years you have taught for subjects and levels and the results of your past tutees

4. Keep a record with us and obtain good feedbacks from our clients. Also, keep all the testimonials and present to us or the clients.

5. Update and upload your latest qualifications & certificates to your account any time.

6. Reply promptly when you receive our tuition assignments.

7. Don’t give up, keep applying!

As a tutor, you can conduct your lessons in your own unique way, or suggested by our parents. The following are some of the tips to be an excellent tutor:

(i) Make your lesson fun & interesting by livening up the way you teach.

(ii) Help student better understand the topic

(iii) Act as a role model and encourage the student more.

(iv) Find out the areas of student’s interest & use it to your advantage.

(v) Update the parents regularly on the student’s progress

(vi) Prepare your lesson beforehand.

(vii) Work on the weak areas of student.

(viii) Use or suggest essential studying materials to help the student improve.


We do regularly post articles of guides on how to be a better tutor. You can check our articles out!

  • Please plan your trip to the tutee’s home beforehand and reach 5-10 mins before the lesson starts.
  • Bring along your NRIC and all your relevant certificates for verification purposes with the parents.
  • Contact the parents beforehand and remind them about the first lesson beforehand. You can obtain the contact number of parents from us a day before tuition.
  • Plan your first lesson to access the educational standards of the student.