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Is your child struggling with reading in Kindergarten? In Singapore, children are being taught at a very young age to read, speak and writing even before they start their primary school journey. Phonics is an essential topic to teach young children on synchronising sound and spelling, which will greatly impact their reading and oral skills in English during their primary school education.


If your child is struggling with reading in school and lagging behind his or her peers, you should hire a phonics tutor who will help your child to achieve better proficiency in English language. We provide highly experienced phonics tutor who will use a set of scientific and sequential order to teach your child phonics. We strive to provide effective phonics tuition for your child and ensure that he is well prepared to cope with primary school syllabus in the future. Our phonics tutor will travel to your place and provide 1-to-1 effective phonics home tuition.


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What is Phonics?


Phonics Tutor SingaporePhonics has been very popular especially in pre-school. it is recommended as the first strategy to help children learn how to read. It is used along other teaching methods to help children to develop essential vital reading skills, and also a real love for reading.


So, what exactly is phonics?


Words are made up of smaller blocks of sound called phonemes. Phonics allow children to learn how to be able to listen carefully and identify these phonemes that make up each word. This help younger children to learn how to read and spell words.


In phonics lessons, children are being taught 3 main things.



GPCs stands for grapheme phoneme correspondences. It means that children are being taught all the phonemes in the English language and different ways to write them down. Children learn these sounds in a particular order. The first sounds that are being taught are s, a, t and p.



Blending in phonics is one of the most important aspect. It teaches the children to say the sounds that make up any word. Children will learn to merge the different sounds in a word together until they heard the word. This skill will be vital when it comes to learning to read.



Segmenting is the opposite of blending. Children are to say a word and break it up into phonemes that make it up. This skill is vital when children are being tested to spell words.


Phonics does not only apply to just the English language. In some languages, learning phonics will be easy because each phoneme has just one grapheme to represent it. For the English language, it is slightly trickier than that. English has around 44 phonemes but there are around 120 graphemes or ways to write down these 44 phonemes. Yes, we only have 26 alphabets, so some graphemes are made up of more than 1 letter. For example: ch, th, oo, ay, etc.


It sounds complicated, doesn’t it? Our phonics tutors are specially trained in imparting phonics skills to students who want to read and speak better. As it is commonly taught to children of young age, our phonics tutors conduct their sessions made up of songs, games and actions. This is to ensure that your child will not just improve on his phonics, but also enjoy the session and develop a love for reading and writing.


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Importance of Phonics Tuition


Phonics Tuition for Pre-schoolPhonics is basically a branch of linguistics where the sounds and physical properties of human speech sounds are being taught. Phonics has become a highly essential component of every child’s education. Because of that, phonics tuition has become very popular over the years. It is not uncommon to find Singaporean parents knowing the importance of phonics reading in the early education of their children. Many has believed that it is better to start them on phonics tuition, rather than letting their children naturally mastering the different sounds of human speech since every human being has the innate ability to use the language. This is to ensure that they do not get lag behind the school curriculum.


What is so important about phonics?


Well, the primary purpose of phonics is to help your child to recognise sounds in words and spell them correctly. It will eventually help them in many ways in life such as picking up another language as well.


Many young children in Singapore, have problems in reading because they do not know how to recognise the sounds of the letters of the alphabets in the word they read. Phonics will give them the skills to recognise and associate sounds of the letters of the alphabet in the word they read, hence improving their reading skills and efficiency. To put it simply, your child will find it very difficult to improve in his reading skills if he does not learn phonics.


BrightTutor Home Tuition Agency has been the leading phonics tuition agency that provides home tutors who are specialised and trained in the different aspects of phonics.


Phonics tuition will help to increase your child’s fluency in reading. Fluency is this case is not limited to reading fast. It means that having the skills to read text accurately. Our phonics tutors teach your child to make reading easier. It will be necessary for the improvement of your child’ reading comprehension. When your child learns to pronounce a word very well, he or she will able to comprehend what he or she reads. Through effective phonics tuition, your child will also get to develop more confidence in themselves when they begin to vocalize more.


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Lowest Phonics Tuition Rates in Singapore


Tuition Level Part-Time Tutors Full-Time Tutors Ex/Current MOE Tutors
N1 – N2 $20 $25 – $30 $45
K1 $20 $25 – $35 $45
K2 $20 $25 – $35 $45


Ready to commence your first Phonics lesson? BrightTutor will be able to help you find the trained and experienced phonics tutors in Singapore. Our phonics tutors are very qualified and experienced in ensuring your child learn the correct and effective way to progress in phonics. We also do have tutors who have taught in enrichment classes and has resources to guide your child to be able to learn phonics in the most effective way!


Phonics lessons will be conducted in a fun way and our phonics tutor will access the interest of your child and ensure that they develop a love for reading as well. Our phonics tutors know the different methods and will be able to help your child memories and vocalise difficult words. You will be surprised at the result after the phonics tuition.


Be it you need a male or female phonics tutor, available only on weekdays or weekends, BrightTutor is able to find you the most suitable phonics tutor.


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