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More than 50% of the students going through Singapore education system has taken biology in secondary school. It is one of the most difficult subject, as Biology syllabus has a greater emphasis on the understanding and application of scientific concepts and principles of life sciences such as cell biology and life processes in humans and plants.


Ministry of Education (MOE) has made it compulsory for students to take biology from P3 till Secondary 2. From Secondary 3, students who are interested in the subject, may choose to pursue biology in higher levels in O levels, A levels or even in tertiary education.


Ministry of Education (MOE) tests biology students on a wide array of skills such as scientific phenomena, definitions and concepts and the ability to use the information to identify and give reasoned explanations and relationships in O/A level biology exams. Biology students must do a lot of memory work as the entire biology syllabus contain intensive amount of theories and concepts. Beside the theory aspect of the subject, students have to be able to perform well in their practical experiments like interpreting and evaluating observations and experimental results based on the practical experiments they have conducted.


It is not surprising if your child spends extensive hours trying to understand and memorising the concepts and content of biology, and still struggle in his O level or A level biology exams. We understand how stressful it is to study for biology, and the problems your child might face. We highly recommend effective biology tuition and it is a crucial step to achieving good biology grades.


BrightTutor Home Tuition Agency is the leading biology tuition agency in Singapore that provide a diverse team of biology tutors who are experienced and specialised in helping your child to do well in biology from the basic levels starting from secondary school, IB and IP to Junior Colleges (JC). Our private biology tutors are able to incorporate effective and useful techniques in the lesson to help your child understand biology theories and concepts. If you are looking for biology tuition, look no further. We will provide an experienced biology tutor to help your child.


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Biology Tuition for Secondary O-Level, IP & IB


Biology Tutor SingaporeBiology is a very interesting subject and the syllabus are emphasised on human biology. It allows biology students to understand the technological world they live in, and take informed interest in life sciences and scientific developments.

They will gain an understanding on basic principles of biology through a mix of theoretical and practical practices, and with the scientific skills they learn will be essential for further study at Cambridge International A Level.


If your child is taking biology for his/her O-level exams, having a biology tuition will be useful for him. There are many reasons of having a private biology tutor:


  • Your child has established a strong interest in biology. But no matter how much effort he/she has put in, the grades do not improve.
  •  Your child often mentions that the subject requires him/her to memorise an overload of information.
  • Your child is taking O-level or A-level biology examination.


If your child has ever faced the aforementioned problems, chances are he/she is not studying efficiently and effectively for biology. An excellent biology tutor in Singapore will not only help your child to improve his/her biology grades and do well in the GCE O-Level Biology examinations, but also allow your child to appreciate the application of science in everyday life, and take an informed interest in matters of scientific discovery.


Our tuition agency provides experienced O Level Biology tutors who will help your child to come out with a good study plan and help him to understand all the basics and concepts of biology. With the effective method of studying and a good studying plan, we can assure you that your child will excel in biology.


Our experienced O Level biology tutor will teach your child topic by topic, breaking down theories and simplifying complex chapters of biology into simpler blocks. This will definitely maximise the efficiency of your child in his preparation for his O Level exams.


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Biology Tuition for Junior College (JC) H1/H2 A-Level Exams


H2 Biology TuitionIt is not surprising that the number of A level biology tutor requests is quickly surpassing the number of secondary school biology tuition request, especially in H1/H2 biology tuition. This is mainly because A Level Biology is one of the most difficult subject in Singapore. JC biology students are assumed to have the knowledge and understanding of O Level Biology, as A Level Biology is the extension, and in fact twice as hard as well. It is infamous for its heavy load of syllabus and it is not uncommon to see A Level Biology students struggling for their biology exams.


JC biology students are required to develop top-level understanding for the complex and in-depth biology topics such as Genetics and Inheritance and Biological Evolution, and many more. Especially in Singapore, H2 Biology tuition is one of the most popular tuition in Singapore, as many students taking H2 Biology for their A level desperately require help for the subject. And many times, thanks to these effective H2 biology tuition, it help to facilitate in understanding the subject and they see an improvement in their tests in schools. 


With the extensive amount of biology theories to learn, along with the increasingly demanding practical assessment during JC1 and JC2, and extra-difficult A level Biology exam, we are not surprised that your child is struggling and in urgent need of A-level Biology tuition. That is because qualified and experienced A level Biology tutors will be able to help your child in understanding the complex concepts of the subject, and guide your child in better managing the preparation for the A level Biology exam. Our tuition agency has a huge pool of qualified and experienced A level biology tutors for you to choose from. Contact us today to find your A level tutor today!


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Lowest Biology Tuition Rates in Singapore


Tuition Level Part-Time Tutors Full-Time Tutors School Teachers
Secondary 1 – 2 $25 – $35 $35 – $45 $60 – $70
Secondary 3 EXP & 4 NA $25 – $35 $40 – $50 $65 – $75
Secondary 4 EXP & 5 NA $30 – $40 $40 – $55 $65 – $80
JC1 $45 – $60 $60 – $70 $85 – $110
JC2 $50 – $65 $65 – $80 $95 – $120
International School $30 – $50 $40 – $60 $70 – 90
University Level $60 – $70 $80 – $120


BrightTutor Home Tuition Agency offers the lowest Biology tuition rates among other tuition agencies and centres in Singapore. We have a large pool of experienced undergraduate biology tutors starting from only $25 per hour and our regular full-time tutors and MOE teachers cost slightly higher. We also have qualified biology tutors who are specialized in teaching other Science (Physics, Biology & Chemistry) modules for Diploma and University Degrees. Whatever your budgets are, we will do our best to help you find a biology tutor that matches your tuition needs.


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Do not hesitate to help your child in finding a good biology tutor in Singapore. BrightTutor Home Tuition Agency is the leading Biology Tuition Agency in Singapore. We have a large pool of well-trained private biology tutors to meet your tuition needs for biology tuition. Be it whether if it is for O level, A Level or even IP & IB Biology tuition, we will be able to meet your tutoring requirements and find a biology tutor for you within a short time frame. Why not give your child the right kind of help he/she needs through reliable and effective biology tuition?



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