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Having trouble looking for a suitable IP tutor who is familiar with your child’s IP (Integrated Programme) School Syllabus? Worried that your child might struggle and not get into the first year of Junior College (JC). Many parents want their child to get into a top JC in Singapore. With effective IP tuition, your child will certainly learn and understand IP syllabus more effectively and boost his performance for his IP examinations.


If you are having trouble looking for a suitable and experienced IP tutor, we will like to break the good news to you that your search will stop here. With one of largest pool of IP home tutors, BrightTutor offers IP home tuition and find the experienced and suitable IP tutor you have been looking for.


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Integrate Programme (IP)


The Integrated Programme (IP) is a scheme to allow high-performing students in secondary schools in Singapore to skip GCE “O” Level examinations and proceed to sit for GCE “A” Level examination, International Baccalaureate (IB), or any equivalent examination, after 6 years of secondary education.


This programme generally allows IP students to allocate more time for enrichment activities, as they do not have to sit for any O-level examinations and have more time and flexibility to immerse themselves for education in other areas. They enjoy more freedom in the combination of subjects. While skipping O-level at secondary 4, they will be able to admit directly to Junior Colleges (JC). All the schools in this scheme, only accepts the top 10% of the national cohort, and with that said, it is certainly not easy in getting into the programme. Often, for the four-year IP programme, secondary 2 students from various schools will be allowed to apply, and once they are accepted into the programme, they will receive their secondary 3 and 4 educations in the Junior college itself, followed by the A-level course. There are special cases in JC such as National Junior College accepting students who have just taken their PSLE, making it a 6-year IP programme.


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Why Singapore IP Tuition?


IP Tutor SingaporeSkipping the GCE O-level examinations, more time for enrichment activities? Sounds like IP is pretty fantastic, and stress-free. That is where you are wrong!!! Although the stress and burden of O-level exams are lifted off in IP, IP school syllabus is usually harder. Well, think about it, only the top schools in the nation is offering this programme, and only top 10% of the national cohort can enter this scheme, it is definitely challenging and competitive for IP students. Many are aware that performance in the GCE ‘A’ Level examination is crucial in order to secure its qualified certificate. Failure to do so, will leave them with only a PSLE certificate.


But do not worry, BrightTutor Home Tuition Agency always got you covered. We offer flexible and effective home tuition for IP students in Singapore. Our large team of experienced IP tutors are specialised with varied IP syllabuses in different IP schools, and are able to keep your child focused in their studies and not fall behind their peers. They will help your child keep up with what is being taught in school, and focuses on their weak subjects and clarify any doubts and questions they might have. So, whether if your child is attending Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) or Raffles Institution, we have qualified and experienced tutors who can teach specific syllabus and help your child perform better in his ‘A’ Level examinations.


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BrightTutor IP Tuition


Our IP home tuition is structured to be flexible and accommodate to the school schedule of your child and his/her school’s IP syllabus. We have a team of experienced IP tutors who are able to cater to all IP subjects. Below are some of the IP tuition we offer:


  • IP English Tuition / Language Arts Tuition


Our IP English tuition aims to develop student’s ability to think critically and construct cogent arguments and communicate their ideas in a clear, accurate and effective manner. Our IP English tutors will encourage IP students to explore a range of key issues of global and local significance and establish a good foundation to thrive in the face-pace world we are living in. IP students will gain many skills such as understanding expectations in examinations, reviewing basic question types and required approach for each of the type, learning strategies to help improve performance in summary question and deconstruct & approach standard application questions, through our IP English tuition. Our IP English tutors will also incorporate a lesson based on the syllabus and standard of the IP school that your child is in.


  • IP Maths Tuition


Our IP maths tuition are designed to ensure all varieties of questions in each topic will be covered extensively. Our IP maths tutors will help students expose to different kinds of questions and various strategies, and help them to understand and apply the concepts from all the topics covered in IP Mathematics syllabus such as Algebra, Function & Calculus, Statistics and Trigonometry. IP Maths tuition is effective in tackling all the doubts your child might have in school. Unlike the syllabus in primary school where topics are built up on the topics of the previous year, it does not work the same way in IP. IP students are faced with new and unfamiliar concepts every time. Our IP Maths tutors will be able to aid your child in grasping these complex concepts. 


  • IP Physics Tuition


IP Physics, especially in Year 3 & 4 IP, are very crucial in building the interest and foundation of students in preparation for H2 Physics. During these 2 years, students are required to investigate phenomena, understand the principles, theories and laws to explain the physical behaviour of universe. Compared to ‘O’ level physics, IP physics syllabus are broader and requires deeper understanding of IP students to be able to solve the questions set in IP exams. Our private IP physics tutors have years of experience in teaching the subject, allowing them to know the common misconceptions and common weak areas of the students in this subject. IP Physics tuition is strongly recommended to help your child work on understanding the principles of the topics covered in school, and is proven effective in ensuring that your child is well-prepared for the school exams.


  • IP Chemistry Tuition


IP chemistry syllabus are rather difficult and there are plenty of memory work to be done, and many students struggle in this subject. We have a strong team of experienced IP chemistry tutors available to focus on the key areas of the subject: Principle of Chemistry, Chemistry of the Elements, Chemistry in Society and Organic Chemistry. Our experienced IP Chemistry tutors will help your child to develop a thorough understanding of the important chemistry principles and practical skills and improve their performance for IP chemistry examinations. IP chemistry tuition has been proven to be effective for many students who struggle in IP chemistry. With the undivided attention of an experienced IP chemistry tutor, your child will grasp the concept and be able to tackle the doubts he or she might have in class. 


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Lowest IP Tuition Rates in Singapore


Tuition Level Part-Time Tutors Full-Time Tutors School Teachers
Sec 1 IP $25 – $35 $35 – $45 $60 – $70
Sec 2 IP $30 – $35 $40 – $50 $65 – $70
Sec 3 IP $25 – $35 $40 – $50 $65 – $75
Sec 4 IP $30 – $40 $40 – $55 $65 – $80
JC1 $45 – $60 $60 – $70 $85 – $110
JC2 $50 – $65 $65 – $80 $95 – $120


We do understand it is not easy to find a suitable IP tutor in Singapore, and we feel the struggle your child might face. Being the leading IP tuition agency in Singapore, we strive to provide you with experienced and most suitable IP tutors and lowest IP tuition rate, at the convenience of your home. Be it if it is IP Year 1 or Year 2 tuition for any subjects, we will be able to meet your IP tuition needs.


We have a large pool of experienced undergraduate IP tutors starting from only $25 per hour and our regular full-time IP tutors and MOE School teachers cost slightly higher with their many years of experience in IP tuition. Whatever your budgets are, we will do our best to help you find an experienced IP tutor that matches your tuition needs.


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