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Creative writing is one of the most challenging aspect of many Primary & Secondary School students’ weaker area in Singapore. For primary school, it is included in the Paper 1, and generally PSLE students are being assessed on their standard in the composition and situational writing. BrightTutor provides effective creative writing tuition that are carefully structured to help children to succeed in school and meet the standards expected of primary school students by Ministry of Education. Our creative writing tutors use materials that target the specific learning needs for the various components to expose students to creative writing and how to write a better narrative story in their compositions.


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What is Creative Writing?


Creative Writing TutorLearning to write is one of the most important sets of skills primary school students can learn in school. Especially in Singapore, composition writing is one of the least favourite part of the English curriculum. However, creative writing is an important skill that all primary school students should practice. So, what exactly is creative writing?


Creative writing is composing where the student uses his or her imagination to write out a story. Simply, the student has to use his or her imagination to recreate an actual of make-up experience and come out with an exciting story.


Most creative writing involves around fictional stories, which is made up and created by the student’s imagination. Imagination in this case is so important as it helps the student to create something that was not there before. When writing creatively, students will be able to pick up the skills to write any narratives when given different topics during exams.


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Importance of Creative Writing Tuition


Creative Writing Tuition CentreStory planning, climax, solution & conclusion. These are all the basic processes of composition which primary school students are taught in school. English composition in primary school are graded in 2 aspects: Content & Tenses. And they have to make their stories more descriptive by using more vocabulary, idioms and phrases in their writing. However, the amount of help that a primary school student can receive in school for composition writing, is rather limited. That is why creative writing is one of the most popular enrichment class that many parents sign up their primary school children for.


BrightTutor Home Tuition Agency provides English tutors who are experienced in teaching creative writing. Our creative writing tuition aims to nurture budding young writers and guide them in the art of creative writing. Creative writing tuition will help your child to improve their writing craft and enhance their literary understanding. Last of all, you will see them well-equipped with an arsenal of idioms and phrases. Our creative writing tutors will also make the lesson in an interactive manner where your child will develop enthusiasm for writing and build their confidence as writers.


Through our creative writing tuition, your child will pick up these skills:


  • Cognitive skills: Reading a wide range of genres of relevant age group, and fluency & increased understanding
  • Literacy skills: Learning of grammar, punctuation and sentence structure.
  • Vocabulary skills: A variety of texts for range of thematic vocabulary. They will also be learning the phrases for different emotions and actions used in the writing.
  • Critical thinking: Develop lateral and inferential thinking to support the plot, and will be trained to use strategies to plan a story
  • Writing skills: Explore different genres of writing, proof-reading and self-editing. Develop own style of creative writing.


Our creative writing tuition will be customised according to the needs of your child after our creative writing tutors have accessed your standard of your child.


If you are looking for creative writing enrichment lessons for your child, you have found the right place. We provide effective creative writing tuition at the convenience of your place. You do not have to worry about the hassle of sending your child to an enrichment centre. Our home tutors will go to your place and conduct the creative writing lessons. Your child will also receive 100% dedicated attention from the tutor, something that you will not get from a tuition centre.


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Lowest Creative Writing Tuition Rates in Singapore


Tuition Level Part-Time Tutors Full-Time Tutors Ex/Current MOE Tutors
Pre-School $20 – $25 $25 – $35 $45 – $60
Lower Primary $20 – $25 $30 – $40 $45 – $60
Upper Primary $20 – $35 $30 – $50 $50 – $70
Lower Secondary $30 – $35 $35 – $45 $50 – $70
Upper Secondary $30 – $40 $40 – $55

$65 – $80


Ready to commence your first Creative Writing lesson? BrightTutor will be able to help you find the trained and experienced English tutors in Singapore. Our English tutors are very qualified and experienced in ensuring your child learn the correct and effective way to progress in creative writing and ace his or her composition in Paper 1.


Creative writing lessons will be conducted in a fun way and our English tutor will access the interest of your child and ensure that they develop a love for reading & writing as well. You will be surprised at the result after a series creative writing lessons.


Be it you need a male or female tutor, available only on weekdays or weekends, BrightTutor is able to find you the most suitable creative writing tutor.


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