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Singapore-Cambridge GCE A Level Examination is conducted in Singapore annually.  You can sit for the A level either by enrolling in a Junior College in Singapore or registering as a private A level Candidate.


Pursuing an A level takes 2 years in Junior College (JC) is certainly not an easy decision to make. If you think O levels are difficult, A levels are on a whole new level of difficulty. It requires you to learn plenty of advanced subjects and all these are to be learnt within a short time span of 2 years. That explains the common impression of JC students having to go through immerse pressure and stress to prepare for A level exams.


Unlike our friends in Polytechnics who will graduate with a diploma, A-level holders do not have much career prospects after graduating with an A level Certificate. JC students that do not perform well enough will not be able to enrol into a local university, and might end up nowhere. That is a nightmare that every JC student is facing.


If your child is struggling with any JC subject, an effective JC home tuition will be essential in helping him to excel in upcoming A levels exam. BrightTutor Home Tuition Agency offers completely free, personalised tutoring matching services to fit your tuition requirements. Our team of dedicated tuition coordinators will find out your A level tuition requirements and advise you on what your child needs in his/her studies to boost the  progress for his examinations.


Be it long-term tuition or short-term help, our home tuition agency has experienced tutors that are specialised in all A levels subjects including General Paper (GP), H1/H2 Maths tuition, Science tuition (H2 Biology, H2 Physics, H2 Chemistry), History, Economics, English Literature and more.


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Why Has Junior College Home Tuition Been So Popular Over The Years?


A level tuition

You think because you have 2 years in JC, you would have time to slack in year 1 and chiong in year 2? You’re absolutely wrong! Time is of the essence in JC because 2 years isn’t a lot of time when you take into consideration of the amount of theory you have to memorise for the A level Exam. GCE A’ Level examination is easily one of the most difficult examinations in Singapore, or even the world.


As compared to the examinations in secondary school, A levels is on a whole new level of difficulty as students simply find it hard to cope mainly because they are not able to adjust to the increased speed of learning in the subjects. With 7-9 subjects to juggle in school, they have to try and learn the syllabus and subject concepts within a short span of 2 years. As if there isn’t already a lot to handle, Year 1 is crunch time as you prepare for your Mother Tongue GCE ‘A’ level Exam and submit the compulsory Project Work (PW) as one of the ‘A’ Level component. That is supposedly to aid you in having lesser subjects to study for your ‘A’ Levels in Year 2.


If you notice your child struggling with the massive workload from their studies or exams, hiring a private A level tutor will help him a lot in easing the stress, as well as boost his progress effectively.


BrightTutor is among the top A level tuition agencies in Singapore and we provide experienced JC tutor for 1-to-1 private home tuition at the convenience of your home. Our tuition agency has a large pool of JC tutors that are experienced and familiar with A Level syllabus, hence they will be able to help your child to excel in any subjects they are having difficulty with.


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JC Home tuition VS Tuition centres


JC tuition

Due to the high demands for tuition for A level, after-school sessions are designed to help JC students boost their grades, keep up with their peers in school and secure a place in a local university. In general, it only comes down to 2 options: going to a tuition centre or hiring a private home tutor.



Most Singaporean parents often are misguided by the cheaper tuition rates offered by tuition centres. This is mainly because of the cost savings of mass teaching as tuition centres conduct group tuition where your child will receive shared attention of a single tutor with other 8 to 10 students paying the same amount of tuition fee. Cheaper tuition rates in tuition centres are no longer justified anymore. The median costs in most tuition centres for JC Tuition are of S$60 per hour, with certain “branded” tuition centres charging even higher.  At BrightTutor Home Tuition Agency, you can easily find an experienced undergraduate part-time tutor for $45 per hour, whereas full-time tutors or MOE tutors costs slightly higher.


Many students find it hard to learn well in a group environment, especially if your child cannot adjust to the speed of teaching in group tuition. Often, JC tuition centres teachers will not slow down to help only one student, and you child be left behind and not keep up with the rest of the class. For private tuition, our home tutors provide 1-to-1 effective tuition and gives your child 100% attention. A private tutor will incorporate lesson plans according to the learning habits and speed of learning of your child. That is why home tuition is more effective and the private tutor will work on your child’s doubts and boost his progress in the subjects, allowing him to perform better in exams. Best of all, your child does not have to waste time on travelling.


Over the decade, with the increasing level of difficulty in A levels, exams has gotten harder and students have more questions and doubts while studying. Tuition centres tend to give your child more content and focus lesser on the key concepts of the subjects. This will compound their understanding in the subjects, creating more doubts from the student. With a private tutor, be rest assured that your child will be guided and he will gain a competitive edge than his other peers through dedicated and effective home tuition. Why should we short-change our child and let him/her fight for the teacher’s attention with 10 other kids in a tuition centre?


In comparison, JC home tuition has more advantages over tuition centres. At BrightTutor, we firmly believe that home tuition is the best choice for your child. Our tuition rates are one of the lowest among other tuition agencies because our tuition agency is always recruiting and verifying new experienced home tutors to meet your tutoring requirements as well as tuition budget. Are you ready to make the right choice for your child now?


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Cheapest JC Tuition Rates in Singapore


Tuition Level Part-Time Tutors Full-Time Tutors Ex/Current MOE Tutors
JC 1 $45 – $60 $60 – $70 $80 – $110
JC 2 $50 – $65 $65 – $80 $90 – $120


BrightTutor Home Tuition Agency offers the cheapest JC tuition rates in Singapore. We have a large pool of JC tutors, ranging from undergraduate Part-Time tutors to MOE teachers. With our JC home tuition, your child will benefit tremendously from effective 1-to-1 home tuition, providing assistance in subjects for all H1/H2/H3 A-level subjects. Make a tutor enquiry with us today for free and our team of dedicated tuition coordinators will make sure that your tutoring requirements are met.


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