Struggle of a University Student


Just started your life in University in Singapore? Feel lost and had never imagined Uni life was different from what you had expected at first? University is certainly not a walk in the park. To make sure you start with the right mindset, this article will let you know the common struggles a typical Uni student will face throughout the course of study.


Maintaining a sleep schedule

Ever seen someone who can sleep anywhere at any point of the time in the day? He or she is most probably a student in a university. Sleep deprivation, daytime sleepiness and irregular sleep schedule are highly widespread among university students. More than 50% of Uni students in Singapore face daytime sleepiness and insufficient sleep. Take your friend seriously next time when he tells you that Uni is a whole new different level. With all the deadlines to meet for the piling-up assignments and tests to study, is there enough time for an 8-hour sufficient sleep? I don’t think so. The university experience is of great value in providing students with a structure environment where they can gain knowledge and skills to chart their path after University. However, it comes with a great cost of rising tuition fees and sleepless nights. It is rather evident when you are attending lectures in a university. It is not uncommon to see students falling asleep during lectures. While some may assume it is the hypnotic aspect of a dry and boring lecture, many believe it is due to the lack of sleep. What do you think?



Starbucks or Library has become your 2nd home

Realise you start to hang out more in the library, study rooms or even Starbucks more often now after starting your first year of university. It is not surprising at all. In fact, that is what many Uni students in Singapore are doing. First, it speeds up the process of covering the topics coming up in the test. Second, you can leverage on the knowledge of your friends to improve your grades.

Not just Starbucks, it has been reported that many students are hogging seats even in McDonalds and cafes. That’s what you might be facing when you are a Uni student, probably because these places are socially comforting and the environment removes the pain of study.

Remember to start collecting your points to redeem start rewards for treats in Starbucks, so your latte or cappuccino will cost lesser the next time you study in Starbucks café again.



Reports, group assignments & more reports

Wonder why a Uni student doesn’t always have time? One of the biggest culprit is all the reports and group assignments that they have to submit within a short period of time, and let’s not get started on the amount of words for these reports. Group assignments can be a pain in the ass, especially when you are working with students who do not have the same class schedule as you. It is very difficult to fix a day where all the group members can turn up to discuss about the group assignment. Many times, Uni students do up their assignments at the very last minute, especially few hours before the deadline. When you turn the assignment in, you might proudly think that you have pulled it off and your lecturer would not even notice. Unfortunately, that is probably not the case.

Just because you are trying to finish up your assignment at the very last minute, there is time constraints for you to proof read everything you have just typed. When frantically glancing over writing at the last minute, it is easy to miss small mistakes. Wrong errors and excessive amount of grammar mistakes will bring down your grade for that assignment.

My advices to all Uni students out there, try to complete your assignment at least 2 days before the deadline. At least you will have a day or two to make final adjustments to your final masterpiece!



No time for your girlfriend/boyfriend at all

You have gone past the stage of National Service with your other half, and you think that nothing can hinder your relationship. Let me break it to you that you are wrong if either of you are getting into a University.

Being in a relationship in Uni is certainly great when you always have someone to rant to when life in Uni gets stressful for you. You might even get unconditional support throughout the good, bad and caffeine fuelled all-nighters. Sounds good, doesn’t it? BUT that is only the good part if both of you are studying together in the same course.

What if you don’t, or your other half is either working or still serving the NS? With so little time to spare, you do not have much time left for your boyfriend/girlfriend while you are in Uni. You realise both of you text lesser, and spent the weekends with your friends to complete assignments. That is when arguments arise and potentially threaten the relationship. Let’s face it, when you are texting and meeting group members of the opposite sex regarding group assignments, your boyfriend/girlfriend will definitely be jealous over it, and that contributes to another argument.

Well, these are all that you will have to deal with when you are in a University. Probably we can say, Uni is a good time for you to start adapting to adult life. For many of us, this might be the end of our school life. So, no matter how little time you have, do not forget to enjoy this last phase of your school life. Do your best in not neglecting your loved ones and make the journey a fruitful one!


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