6 Biggest Misconceptions on Hiring a Tutor


Parents generally hire tutors when their child is struggling or failing in class. They utilize the help of home tuition services to find an appropriate tutor for their child. However, many parents still face the dilemma: whether to hire or not hire a tutor. There are still countless myths and misconceptions about hiring a tutor.


Here are some of the most frequently cited ones:


1. Everybody Can’t Afford Tuition

This is the most common and biggest misconception. You will be surprised to know that many tuition agencies provide suitable tutors to fit your budget. The only thing you have to do is to search one for your child.


2. Finding a Qualified Tutor is Tough

Today, finding a highly-qualified tutor for your child is easier than ever. You can take the help of a reputable tutoring agency. Tuition agencies will guide you to select a suitable tutor for your child. We can help you to find the right tutor that matches your requirements.


3. Only Poor Students Need Tutoring

It is true that parents take help of private tuitions when their child is not doing well in the class. However, students who are doing well can also sharpen their skills with private tutoring. A fine tutor will prepare your child for further exams and tests.


4. Tuition Can Make My Child Genius

A tutor is a teacher, who can push children to break the barriers but can’t change them into something they are not. A tutor can help a child individually by increasing his/her capacity to learn and grow. It is the effort of your child that will produce the desired result.


5. Tutors Must be Certified Teachers

It is not required to be a specialist or an Oxford student to be a tutor. There is a possibility that a tutor is master of his/her subject, but doesn’t hold any degree in that subject. This applies particularly to primary-level, where tutors may not be a specialist in their subject.


6. Parents Hire Tutors to Buy Grades for Their Children

Parents hire tutors hoping that their children will exceed in their grades or grab the top position in the class. It is not a crime because parents want the best for their children. Here, you should know that a tutor can only help to improve the grades of a child. It is up to the child to perform.     

Whether you choose to hire a tutor for your child or not, it is completely your decision. But, it is important to understand that a tutor helps your child become a more capable student and grow as a well-rounded human being.

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