3 Reasons Why Tuition Is Necessary in Singapore


Singapore is well-known for its strong education system. While aiming at excellence for its students, home tuition is not uncommon for parents in Singapore. According to a new Straits Times Survey, 8 in 10 households in Singapore has home tuition for their children, and the remaining 20 percent find it a struggle to resist. Well, it is not surprising since the syllabus set in public and international school is very complex. Let us not even start on the competition that arises between students in Secondary School and Junior College (JC).


Many Singaporean parents spend a median of $155 to $260 a month on home tuition, according to Straits Times. Some parents even hire private tutors for additional hours to assist their child in the overwhelming schoolwork and assignments during tuition. It shows how essential home tuition has become, if not why would parents even fork out that sum of money for their child.


In Singapore, grades in school are everything as it does not only mean securing a course of study, but help in securing a better job. With a world-class education system, is there still a need for tuition? Read on, and you will be surprised why home tuition is necessary.


Dedicated Attention From 1-to-1 Home Tuition

Have you ever wondered why there will always be students performing poorer than their peers, despite learning similar things from the same teacher in school? Many lessons in school are delivered in a way where it fits the majority, and they do not consider the different learning ability and weaknesses of students. On top of that, not all teachers have the same different teaching styles, and students have to try to comprehend and adapt themselves to the teaching style. If they are not able to do that, there is a high chance that they will fall behind their peers, and do poorly for their class tests and examinations. Due to the time constraints school teachers have with their students, they will usually move on to the next topic, without pausing much, in order to cover all the syllabus and topics before mid-year or end-of-year examinations.


While you can’t choose your teachers in school, you can choose the kind of tutor you want for your home tuition. Home tuition has many advantages. In Singapore, students tend to have multiple enrichment classes, and must attend CCAs during after-school hours. Imagine the amount of time that has already been taken off their daily schedule. With home tuition, it gives you so much flexibility and students have the privilege to decide their preferred days and time.


Many at times, school teachers cannot dedicate their attention to every student, and students might risk not understanding the lessons due to the fear of voicing out his or her doubts in front of the whole class. But during 1-to-1 home tuition, private tutors will dedicate their 100% focus on the child and can easily pinpoint on the weak areas of the student. By eliminating the weak areas and possible doubts of the student, he or she will be able to improve much faster, and gain confidence in the weaker subjects.


Supplementary Benefits of Tuition

“Every child should have home tuition! He will lose out if he doesn’t!”  Many parents have this common misconception about home tuition. It does not only happen in Singapore, but around the world. Home tuition is commonly seen as a compulsory activity for every child! Well, it shouldn’t be that way. Educational Psychologists believe that home tuition should provide enhanced learning and additional study skills to support their learning. It should never be considered an additional academic burden to our children.

Well, it makes sense, doesn’t it? Our children are already facing so much pressure from their subjects in school, why would we want to add on more weights onto their shoulders? That is why, hire a private home tutor with the mindset to enhance their learning abilities and request the tutors to make the subjects more fun and relatable to real-life situations. This way, your child will love learning more. Remember, education is never about getting more As than your friends, but it is more about empowering our children with a perspective on life-long learning.


Group vs Individual Tuition

Should I hire a private tutor or just enrol my child into a tuition centre? Most parents face this dilemma when it comes to tuition. While many have believed that tuition centres offer cheaper tuition rates than private home tuition, there are few home tuition agencies in Singapore such as BrightTutor that offers cheaper and competitive tuition rates than tuition centres!


When it comes to education for our children, tuition rates are second priority. The main purpose is to ensure our child get the best out of home tuition. In tuition centres, your child is sharing the divided attention of the tuition teacher with 10 other kids, and just like in a classroom setting in school, the teachers are not able to focus entirely on your child. Normally, home tutors are more experienced and specialised in noticing the weak areas of a student. As home tutoring is their main occupation, they are well-versed in the update syllabus. As tuition centres have fixed schedule for their tuition lessons, rescheduling tuition sessions is an additional privilege if you hire a private tutor. This is very important as students has plenty of CCAs, enrichment lessons and remedial classes in their school schedule every day.


Do you still think tuition is unnecessary after knowing the benefits that home tuition has? If you are already considering home tuition, check out BrightTutor website! You can even contact our dedicated team of friendly coordinators @ +65 9058 3058 or email us @ support@brighttutor.sg


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