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According to a report by Straits Time, 7 of 10 parents prefer home tuition in Singapore due to the competitive educational system, challenging syllabus and mostly “Kiasu”. Because parents are worried about the decreasing grades of their kids and they don’t know how to raise the academic performance of their kids. One report state that over “76% students feel anxious for exams even if they are well prepared“. If you live in Singapore and prefer home tutor for your kids better grades then you’re not alone. Over 70% of parents in Singapore do the same. They think that home tuition or home tutor service can help them to prepare for their exams.


Below are some benefits of Home Tuition or Home Tutor service if you live in Singapore.


Learning in the comfort of home:

This is the main reason why most people who study at home prefer Singapore. In this type of teaching, the teacher visits the student’s home, saving a lot of time and problems in daily mobility. In addition, students can schedule teachers according to their availability. You can get your lessons whenever and wherever you want.

This is more rewarding for parents anxious about night or individual hours for their children. In this way, students can learn from the comfort of their homes, which in turn guarantees security and time management.


Maximum personal attention:

Individualized tutoring is usually taught on one. This means that the student gets the maximum attention that cannot be achieved in a full semester of 20 to 30 students. With a greater focus on each student, the teacher can understand and key areas of improvement. It also helps them to work according to the speed of student learning.


Pre-learning of course materials:

Another very positive aspect of home tuition is that the student can learn the concept even before it is taught in the classroom. So, come prepared for presentations or assignments.


Positive and encouraging atmosphere:

Most students often hesitate to ask questions from the teacher. Or feel ashamed to ask the teacher to explain the concept again. But this is not the case with private lessons at home. The teacher encourages the student to ask the question, no matter how many times it is necessary to explain the same thing. Students feel secure and share their concerns with the teacher.


Minimum Deviations:

T.V, computer, mobile phone and music player: There are many things that can distract students from studying. When they know that they are supervised by the teacher, they are likely to focus on their studies.


Parental Involvement:

Parents can actively participate in the education and support of their children. They can observe the learning environment and make sure the tutor teaches their children. In addition, they can analyze the child’s performance and make suggestions accordingly.


Best Home Tuition in Singapore:

Teachers can be filtered according to the learning requirements of the student. But you do not have the right to choose a teacher at the school according to your requirements. There are many Home Tuition service in Singapore that help you choose the right teacher. But Bright Tutor service is the best of all. You just have to fill a request a tutor form that will hardly take 5 minutes and you’ll get the best home tutor for your kids. All this process is completely free, no contract, no agent fees.

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