4 Good Qualities Your Tutor Needs To Have!


Teaching is a very noble profession. Although the salary does not do the tutors any justice, but it is a profession with great responsibilities. Many has assumed that knowledge of a subject area is sufficient enough to make a good tutor.

But it takes more than just that to make a great tutor. An excellent and responsible tutor help their tutee/students to reach their potential, and enhance their learning experiences to develop an interest towards the subject. It is certainly a very rewarding experience as a tutor.


So, we come to the main point, what are the good qualities of a good tutor? If you are looking to develop special traits as a tutor, or a parent looking for a good tutor, this article is a must-read for you. There are plenty of good qualities of a good tutor, but the mentioned are the most important traits that we feel every good tutor should have.



Full of energy

This is probably one of the most important trait, if not the best trait any tutor can have. What does it mean by a tutor should be full of energy. We are not obviously not talking about the stamina of the physical aspects of the tutor. We are referring to the enthusiasm of the tutor.


I believe many of us has seen videos of their teacher using creative ways to conduct a lesson going viral. Every student will love to have that kind of teacher. Who doesn’t want to have their lesson being conducted in such an interesting way? Don’t you want to look forward to next lesson? So why does enthusiasm matter so much? Well, first of all, enthusiasm impacts teaching and learning in a variety of way.


An enthusiastic tutor has energy that is contagious. Students will eventually be motivated in a variety of way from an enthusiastic tutor, and students will desire to learn and strive for some form of academic achievement. It will impact the student’s learning journey positively in a long run, as it has been scientifically proven that enthusiasm induced in lesson have helped students to develop an interest in learning the subjects, and gradually improve their performance in their examinations.


Enthusiastic tutors also find it easier to establish a good relationship with their students, and certainly have a positive impact on a child who is discouraged by school and his/her bad grades. Through this bond, the tutor will be looked upon as a model for success, and pushes the child to imply himself more and perform better in his or her studies.




Ever been to a class where you find yourself similar to all the other kids in class? Same strengths, same weakness, and even similar questions to ask the teacher? I believe not.


Every student has different strengths, weaknesses and learning abilities. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all teaching method. A good tutor must be able to adapt himself to different students that they are working with. He should use different approaches for different students, depending on the student’s individual need or difficulties the student might experience. This set of skills will only be available after years of experiences working with many different students.


An experienced tutor should never have only one kind of teaching method. He should have several effective teaching techniques that work for different kids. If you are a tutor, we highly advise to keep track of the student’s progress. This is to determine if your current way of teaching is effective and whether if you need to change plan or approach.


At Bright Tutor, we go the extra mile to find out more about the academic condition and learning abilities from parents or students. This will help to provide us an insight and let us find the most suitable tutor for every student, as we strongly believe that every student has unique learning abilities and strive to provide the right kind of help to all our students.




Why is passion such an important element for a tutor? Tutors who are passionate in teaching, inspire students. They will get students interested and even more excited about what they are learning. Over the years of studying in schools, I have made observations of teachers that had taught me before. The difference in the level of success between students taught by different teachers was totally huge. Same course. Same brilliant, but a different level of enthusiasm from different teachers.


There are many teachers and tutors out there who are teaching about things they are not passionate about. Passion cannot be faked. The reality hit us so hard sometimes, and it is very common most of us take up jobs just for the pay check. What I am trying to imply here is not that a teacher or tutor without passion in teaching will increase the chances of your child failing. There are many teachers without passion in teaching, yet able to produce results through their effective teaching techniques. But a passion teacher will find a way to make his or her lesson interesting, hence giving the students a fun learning experience. It requires a little more work. Therefore, all the passionate teachers out there who has go an extra mile to do all that for your students, you will forever have our support and gratitude.




Of course, we will definitely not miss out on expertise. How could a tutor teach without deep knowledge of what he is going to teach? A good tutor needs to have a deep understanding of the subject knowledge, and the syllabus that will be coming out in the exams. He or she needs to have the skills and special exam techniques to help the student progress.


A good and experienced tutor must be confident in their knowledge in the subject and able to break down the concepts to the students. This will include having a elaborated lesson plan, pacing the lesson and always making sure the child understands. The true purpose of a tutor is to provide supplementary help to the student during tuition sessions. So how can you tell whether if your child is benefiting from it? Look at his grades. Is he slowly progressing from C to B? If he is, it might mean that the tutor is doing his or her job, by using the right teaching technique on your child.






There you have it! The 4 qualities a good tutor should have. Look for these 4 qualities next time when you are looking for home tuition. If you like this article and will like more similar to this, do check out our Facebook page for more! Thank you!


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