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Special Needs

Having special needs does not deter someone in achieving something. It does not mean that they are not able to complete a certain task. It is not an easy task to teach those with special needs. Therefore, getting a specialist to teach them is uncommon. There are different types of special needs and each one will need different styles of teaching to teach them. 
Different types of Special Needs include:
-    Autism
-    ADHD
-    Down Syndrome
-    Dyslexia
-    Blindness
This is just some common ones from the different list. Only those who are trained and qualified are able to teach those with special needs as they require a different set of knowledge to teach differently and adapt to each type of special needs. For example, those who have ADHD will have difficulty sitting down and learn. Their attention span is very low and it could get difficult to teach those with ADHD.

Not to worry, here at Bright Tutor, we are committed in finding you the most capable tutor to teach your child based on their needs. We will ensure that each tutor is qualified to teach to the relevant needs. Not only that, we will ensure that each tutor is well trained and is very professional in teaching them. We guarantee you that your child's safety is the number one priority, so if you are searching for a tutor who is experienced in teaching those with needs, Bright Tutor will go the extra mile to assist you in doing so. You are able to meet our tutors personally beforehand to know them before getting them to teach your child so that you can know if the tutor meets your requirement. 

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