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Principles of Accounts

Unlike those normal subjects in secondary school, Principles of Accounts is definitely much more interesting however to get the basic right, requires time and knowledge. POA is offered as a subject in upper secondary, examinable at O level and N level.

As POA is a new subject introduced to the students with no prior background knowledge of what the subject is about, it may be hard balancing some numbers like those accountants. POA offers a glimpse of what accounting is all about. Learning the fundamentals and tackling questions like coming up with a balance sheet or a profit and loss account may be challenging at first. It is common for students to struggle at first. They will need to differentiate between debit and credit accounts and also balancing the accounts at the end. With no prior knowledge, it can be very tough, and self-study is not really an option.  

POA is very practical and knowing about this will give you the upper hand when handling finances shortly. If you want to be an accountant in the future, POA is definitely the best subject to choose to give you the basic before pursuing a diploma in accountancy.  

There are not many POA private teachers in each school, and with that, each student can only get a little attention from their teachers if they require assistance. Usually, students will not do so well for their first POA exams, and it will only get harder if the fundamentals are not built correctly. POA requires a strong foundation of their basics as each topic advance from the other, and if you are weaker in a certain subject, it may be difficult for you to continue excelling in the other topics. So the best to do is get a tutor who is proficient in accounting to assist and built a strong foundation so that the student could excel in their exams. Ultimately, with our affordable POA tuition rates, utilizing private POA tuition in Singapore will save your lot of time and effort.

Here at Bright Tutor, our POA home tutors are well informed about the current syllabus for POA, and they are qualified to teach the subject. Not only that, we believe that if a home tutor has an experience in the accounting field, it’s a plus point! Our POA private teacher is experienced to build basic POA fundamentals that are useful and easy to remember. Important points and tips will be given to each student individually. With the focus of individual students, they can get immediate feedback if certain things are not done correctly.  

We are determined that our home tutor will be able to make each student excel in their POA. We will find you the most suitable home tutor who meets your needs. Be it working on the fundamentals or polishing up the advanced topic; we got it all!

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