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Physics Tuition

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Science is one of the compulsory subject in Primary and Secondary School levels, and it is in the curriculum since Primary 3 in Singapore. At the very beginning, students are introduced to the basics and general form of Science, but as they progress to secondary school, specialisations are being introduced.

Like other parts of the world, science is taught as Physics, Chemistry and Biology. In Singapore, students in secondary school are required to opt-in for at least 2 of these science subjects. They can either take Pure Science subjects or Combined Science subjects for their O levels and N Levels. For Junior College (JC) students in Singapore, they can choose to take physics at a higher for their A levels.

Physics is the science that attempts to describe how the nature works using the application and language of mathematics. Being often considered as the fundamental of all natural sciences, its theories describe the behaviour of smallest building blocks of matter, light, the universe and everything in between such electricity and electromagnetism. For many years, many physics students, both past and present, would agree that physics is one of the most difficult subjects to study in school. One of the common reason is the general lack of understanding of what physics is, and combined with the subject’s inherent difficulty and heavy reliance on mathematics, it tends to discourage a student from studying physics. Thus, it is no surprise that your child might be struggling with physics. We strongly recommend effective physics tuition for students who are struggling for their O levels and A levels exams. Having home tuition for Physics will help your child in better understanding the concepts and application of the subject.

If your child needs physics tuition in Singapore, don’t hesitate to send us a free tutor enquiry. BrightTutor Home Tuition Agency hires only experienced and qualified physics tutors. Our tutors are familiar with the updated physics syllabus and have the knowledge and right attitude, along with extensive O and A levels teaching experience. Most of our physics teachers come from reputable school, and are able to incorporate the lesson plan according to the learning speed and abilities of your child. Instead of relying on physics tuition centres where your child has to share the attention of the tuition teacher with 10 other students, request a physics home tutor from us today!

Why Physics Tuition in Singapore?

Physics is the basic for understanding of the complexities of modern technology and essential for the technological advancement in the world today. The knowledge acquired for the subject is responsible for many inventions in the engineering world today. Despite its importance, physics is one of the least favoured science subject in O levels and A levels due to the increasing difficulty of the syllabus tested in the examinations.

Thus, many students have struggle to master the content knowledge on physics, and despite their effort, there is a huge gap between their results and hard work. Very often, the concepts and basics taught in school are so obsolete that your child can barely understand. Because of that, your child will find it hard to solve questions and many students’ grades stay stagnant for many months. To make it worse, students have to put in extensive amount of time in school for the increasing number of activities they have to participate, and leave them no time for self-revision. While many consider tuition centres, it is in fact one of the least effective solution, as travelling there takes up more time off your child’s schedule and sharing the attention of the tuition teacher with 10 other students, it does not provide any chances to help your child in his weak areas of the physics subject.

That is why many parents look for physics home tuition and choose it over tuition centres. First of all, your child will save time on travelling, and dedicated attention of a physics tutor will allow your child to grasp the concepts and basic of physics in a shorter amount of time.

If you are looking for physics home tuition, look no further. We understand that physics is one of the most practical subject and heavily involves theorems and calculations. BrightTutor Home Tuition Agency has a large pool of experienced physics home tutors who are adept at both theory and calculations. We carefully select and recommend our physics tutor based on their teaching experience as well as their qualifications. Many of our tuition teachers have experienced teaching in reputable schools, and can help your child with applying the correct studying methods and tips in O level and A level exam. We strongly recommend your child to get effective physics home tuition and build a strong foundation. This will get you to have a clearer understanding of the concepts as well as application of the principles of physics.

We understand that you want the best for your child and we are here to provide you only the best! Engage us for tuition enquiry today! It is completely free.

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Why Does Your Child Need A Physics Tutor in Singapore?

The O Level physics syllabus provides students with a coherent understanding of matter, energy and their interrelationships. Physics lessons in secondary school are conducted based on the syllabus and would feature a wide variety of learning experiences designed to promote acquisition of the scientific expertise and understanding of classical theories and concepts to explain modern physics such as quantum properties at atomic and sub-atomic level. It is a worthwhile educational experience for all students taking physics as it will allow them to develop abilities and skills that are relevant to the study and practice of science and useful in everyday life and encourage effective communication.

If your child is struggling in grasping the basic and complex concepts and content in school, or failing badly for his O level preliminary exams in secondary school, we strongly recommend hiring private physics tutor for effective home tuition to help him to improve his grades. During our effective GCE O-Level Physics home tuition, a private tutor will read and explain the theories in the physics syllabus, as well as teach your child to simplify the extensive amount of content in physics textbook. This can be achieved by creating useful physics study notes and mind maps to categorise information and help in memorising and deep understanding of the subject.

A level H1/H2 physics syllabus is famous for being one of the most difficult subject. While the A level physics syllabus is designed to build on and extend the content coverage in O Level Physics, students are required to learn a large number of principles and application of core ideas in the A level exams. The fast pace of lectures and physics tutorial in Junior College (JC) has made JC physics student difficult to keep up. It has been known that you have to score extremely well for A level exams in order to get into a local university, else you might end up nowhere, but many of them struggle to even get a pass for this subject. For that reason alone, hiring a home tutor for physics home tuition has become the solution for many students. It is extremely important to have home tuition especially for H2 Physics, as A level Physics tuition will help your child to keep up with his/her peers and improve his grades tremendously. If your child is in JC1 or JC2, or even a private A level candidate, it is advisable to find a good private JC physics tutor to help him/her in their H1 or H2 physics before it’s too late.

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Affordable Physics Tuition Rates in Singapore

Tuition Level

Part-Time Tutor

Full-Time Tutor

Ex/Current MOE Tutor

Lower Secondary

$25 - $35

$35 - $45

$50 - $65

Upper Secondary

$25 - $40

$40 - $50

$55 - $80

Junior College

$45 - $65

$60 - $75

$85 - $120

International School

(IP / IB)

$25 - $50

$40 - $65

$55 - $90

Diploma / University

(E.g. Engineering Modules)

$60 - $70

$80 - $120



BrightTutor Home Tuition Agency offers the lowest Physics tuition rates among other tuition agencies and centres in Singapore. We have a large pool of experienced undergraduate tutors starting from only $25 per hour and our regular full-time tutors and MOE teachers cost slightly higher. We also have qualified tutors who are specialized in teaching other Science (Physics, Biology & Chemistry) modules for Diploma and University Degrees. Whatever your budgets are, we will do our best to help you find a tutor that matches your tuition needs.


Hire Your Physics Tutor for O-Level, A-Level and IP & IB Level in Singapore

Are you looking for a good Physics tutor in Singapore? Physics can be a rewarding subject when mastered, yet it is one of the most feared subject for students.

Be it IP, IB, IGCSE, O-level Pure/Combined Physics tuition or H1/H2 Physics tuition, BrightTutor is able to provide the affordable and experienced private physics tutor to aid your child in improving his/her grades for the upcoming examinations. With a large pool of physics tutor, we are able to offer you the best physics tuition rates for home tuition.

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