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Mathematics is a very practical subject, along with Science. In Singapore, Maths is a compulsory subject that each student is required to take since primary school. Maths in school is no longer just about adding things up, but it is more about getting student to think like a mathematician. The curriculum for primary and secondary schools has revamped over the years to give more attention to mathematical process skills. These include abilities such as making connections and applying them to situations. It aims to help student to see the relevance of maths to real life.

Maths curriculum has help to nurture certain qualities such as problem-solving, critical thinking and power of reasoning. Be it if you are a doctor, engineer or a shopkeeper, everyone needs mathematics in their daily life.

Every few years, Ministry of Education (MOE) has been increasing the depth of Mathematics Curriculum in Singapore and this has made maths more difficult for students. Therefore, the increased demand for Maths tuition in Singapore is inevitable. With the increased demand for effect home tuition for Math, finding cheap and good private math tutor has been a challenge for parents in Singapore.

Our tuition agency is the leading maths tuition agency in Singapore. With a large pool of experienced maths tutor for you to choose from, we are able to provide primary school maths tuition, maths tuition for Secondary school (A Math, E Math), H1/H2 Maths tuition for Junior College (JC), or even IB and IP Maths tuition. We have one of the lowest tuition rate for maths tuition in Singapore.

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Why Maths Tuition Singapore?

Math can be one of the subject our children might dislike at the young age. But, if taught right by nurturing the interest of this subject for your child, and showing him/her on relevance to real life application, this might turn out to be one of his favourite subject. It applies for most of us after we have found the fun in maths, isn’t it? At BrightTutor, we believe that Maths creates a mental alertness and helps in improvement of reasoning power in your child and attention should be made to the clear concepts in maths in a child from the beginning.

With the increasing difficulty in maths in Singapore, it is important for students to acquire great understanding of the concepts taught in class and grasp the application of the fundamentals of every topic. It is highly advised that a strong foundation in maths in needed to excel in this subject. However, most teachers fail to achieve that. Students are taught in school on repetitive use of methods without understanding the concepts. They might be able to do well for that topic, but without strong basics, it will be harder for them to progress in school.

To help your child with his progress, we highly recommend hiring a good math tutor in Singapore to develop a strong interest in math, as well as develop a solid foundation of your child and correctly apply the use of equations and method he has learnt in school. This will definitely boost a child’s progress, and develop his/her problem-solving ability that is used in every aspect of their daily life. As a result, doing well in their examinations will not be problem. Hence, it is advisable to find your math tutor from a reliable maths tuition agency in Singapore.

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Why Does Your Child Need A Maths Tutor in Singapore?

Many parents have tried putting their children in the best math tuition centre in Singapore, but only few are able to improve. Well, it is not a surprise as tuition centre adopt a standardised teaching method and it may not apply to your child as every student has different learning habits and speed. Compared to group tuition in tuition centre, having a maths home tuition definitely has more advantages. A dedicated 1-to-1 home tuition is something that cannot be simply achieved in any classroom setting. 

1. Boost confidence for struggling and underperforming children

There are many students who develop a fear in maths if they are being forced to learn. With the fear in any subject, they will tend to struggle and will be further disappointed in themselves whenever they do badly for their exam.

The solution to these scenarios can be made better by hiring a private maths tutor. A good maths tutor will find out about the doubts and weak areas of a student, and by working on those areas, a student will be able to progress gradually and do well in his/her examinations. That is when it will boost the confidence of the student, and create a sense of satisfaction in him/her. When that happens, student will develop a strong interest for maths. An effective maths home tuition is definitely what most student needs, it will not only improve their grades, but help to ease the tension in the subject and in the long run, he/she will no longer try to avoid maths anymore.

2.     Pass in mathematics is a must!

Maths is a compulsory subject to take, be it whether if you are in primary school, secondary school or even Junior College (JC). Not only that, students have to pass them as well. The reason why maths result is highly valued in schools because a pass in this subject is a requirement for entry to higher levels of education. For example, for most of the courses in Polytechnic, you can fail in O-level English, but you must have a pass in E-maths in order to enrol to any of the courses. Over the years, there are cases of students who did very well for other subjects, but did not pass their E-maths. Because of that, they are not able to get into any of the courses in Polytechnic. That is why it is important for your child to pass in his/her maths. Effective maths tuition is the solution to help your child to achieve good grades in maths. BrightTutor offers experienced maths tutor who have the capability to help your child improve and perform well in examinations.

3.     Competence in Math is they key foundation for technical and science education at the higher levels.

The reason why maths are highly valued in higher level of education is because a strong foundation in maths is needed to be able to understand the concepts to be taught. There are so many subjects and courses that uses maths: Physics, Chemistry, All Engineering courses, health science and many more! As it is one of the most competitive subject in Singapore, your child might spend a large portion of their time focusing on maths. Because of the high grading bell curve in PSLE, O-Level and A-Level, it is very difficult to score As in maths. An experienced maths tutor is usually the solution to boost the progress of your child by effective maths tuition which covers the fundamentals in the topics as well as useful techniques and tricks in maths exams.


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Lowest Math Tuition Rates in Singapore

Tuition Level

Part-Time Tutor

Full-Time Tutor

Ex/Current MOE Tutor


$15 - $20

$25 - $35

$35 - $45

Lower Primary

$20 - $25

$30 - $40

$40 - $55

Upper Primary

$20 - $35

$30 - $50

$40 - $70

Lower Secondary

$25 - $35

$35 - $45

$50 - $65

Upper Secondary

$25 - $40

$40 - $50

$55 - $80

Junior College

$45 - $65

$60 - $75

$85 - $120

International School

(Depending on Level)

$25 - $50

$40 - $65

$55 - $90

Diploma / University

(E.g. Engineering Mathematics)

$60 - $70

$80 - $120



BrightTutor Home Tuition Agency offers the lowest Maths tuition rates among other tuition agencies and centres in Singapore. We have a large pool of experienced undergraduate tutors starting from only $15 per hour and our regular full-time tutors and MOE teachers cost slightly higher. We also have qualified tutors who are specialized in teaching Mathematics modules for Diploma and University Degrees. Whatever your budgets are, we will do our best to help you find a tutor that matches your tuition needs.


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Looking for Maths tuition? We have the best and experienced home tutors to provide 1-to-1 tutoring in Mathematics. BrightTutor Home Tuition Agency is the leading home tuition agency for finding Maths tutors in Singapore. We do know importance of having a good maths tutor in Singapore that provides effective home tuition, and we strive to do all we can to ensure that our maths tutors have the capability to help your child improve their grades in maths.

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