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I am sure that you have heard Singapore’s national anthem. What language is it in? Did you know that Malay is our national language? The Malay language is commonly used in our neighboring countries like Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia.  

Being able to converse in Malay has its advantages. Especially when you travel to those countries who speak Malay in general or even when you are doing business with them. With that, there would not be any language barrier. Learning Malay is easy, and it can be fun too.

The Malay language is considered as one of the mother tongue languages that students learn in school, and they will require to take during PSLE, O Level, and other examination. 

In Singapore, with majority Chinese and the official spoken language being English, it may be hard to practice speaking Malay here. With modern families, interaction between one another is in English, and some may neglect their mother tongue language. 

Be it conversational or written Malay, it can be very easy to learn as it uses alphabets similar to the English language. With Singlish being spoken naturally here in Singapore, you will definitely know a few words already.

Learning the Malay language allows you to know more about the Malay culture as well. So why not allow Bright Tutor to assist you in finding the right home tutor to teach you, Malay. At Bright Tutor, we provide experienced Malay home tutors for primary, secondary, JC, and adult learners. Here at bright tutor, our Malay private tutor is well converse in both English and Malay, and they can make lesson interesting and fun! With this, they can easily explain and teach Malay efficiently. Bright Tutor believe that learning can be fun too! With our experienced Malay home tutor, you will definitely enjoy learning the Malay language. 

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