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History Tuition

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Are you in urgent need of help or home tuition for history? Examinations are around the corner and you need a history home tuition teacher? Look no further for BrightTutor Home Tuition Agency has thousands of experienced private tutors that specialise in history home tuition in Singapore.

With experience in Pure/Combined Humanities subjects of any combination: History, Social Studies and Geography, our team of private history tutors will be able to provide your child with effective history tutoring and help your child develop an interest in the subject and improve his/her grades in history examinations. Forget about troublesome history tuition centres! Our sign-up process is super simple and it takes only 3 minutes. Make a free enquiry for History tutor today and your child will be on his/her way to receive effective history home tuition.

History as humanity subject in Secondary School

Being exposed to social studies in primary school, history is certainly not new to Secondary school. However, unlike social studies back in primary school, History is one of the examinable subject in secondary school. it is a rather complex humanities subject. It has been often asked of the importance of history subject. It is the study of the past and history offer how people and societies behave and how the past has helped in creating the world we are living in today. It allows us to learn from the efforts and mistakes of those who came before us, and use them to create a better future for our next generation.

History plays a critical role in developing student’s own identities through an understanding of history at the personal, national and international levels. It will spark their curiosity and inspire them with the beliefs, decisions and dilemmas of people in the past. For O-level history exam, students have to analyse and evaluate the causes and consequences of historical events and situations, as well as interpreting and acquiring information derived from many sources of information and evidence from a variety of media to support their inference.

Unlike many subjects, it is a subject in O level exams that requires more than just memorising. In order to score well in O level history exam, they are required to have a range of skills to draw conclusions to support their interferences. Many history students struggle in their history exams, because they are not skilled in this aspect despite learning the inference and analytical skills. They just do not know how to properly apply them in history exams.

Our tuition agency provides O-level history home tuition to help your child achieve a high level of mastery in the subject, and equip them with research & gathering skills and how to construct historical interpretation & evaluating sources to develop arguments.

Should you consider O level history tuition, our team of experienced history tutors will be able to give your child the effective history home tuition to help him gain a strong interest in the subject and improve his grades for O-level history exams.

Hesitate no longer! Enquire with us for affordable History tuition in Singapore now!


Junior College (JC) A-level H1/H2 Geography Tuition

Widely considered as one of the more difficult humanities subjects in Junior College (JC), many A-level students struggle with preparation for history exams. Compared to O-level History, History in JC is on a whole new level. Students are expected to have a deeper understanding and critical knowledge of a topic. With the knowledge, they are required to tackle tricky questions through examination by interpreting sources and making logical arguments and stands on what the issue surfaced by the case studies. 

For many JC history tuition centres, tuition teachers have to juggle teaching a group of 10 students and every student get shared attention and might not be effective for many students as their weak areas are not being worked on as they are not able to get individual assistance from the tuition teacher.

With the experiences and the benefit of undivided attention of a private history tutor, it will be more effective and efficient for your child to cope with all the workload and improve his performance for his A level history exams. An excellent humanities tutor will be able to guide your child and teach them the proper skills in interpreting data source, construct mind maps and make logical arguments in history essays.


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Updated History Tuition Rates in Singapore

Tuition Level

Part-Time Tutor

Full-Time Tutor

Ex/Current MOE Tutor

Lower Secondary

$25 - $35

$35 - $45

$50 - $65

Upper Secondary

$25 - $40

$40 - $50

$55 - $80

Junior College

$45 - $65

$60 - $75

$85 - $120

International School

(IP / IB)

$25 - $50

$40 - $65

$55 - $90

Diploma / University

(E.g. History Modules)

$60 - $70

$80 - $120



BrightTutor Home Tuition Agency offers the lowest History tuition rates among other tuition agencies and centres in Singapore. We have a large pool of experienced undergraduate tutors starting from only $25 per hour and our regular full-time tutors and MOE teachers cost slightly higher. We also have qualified tutors who are specialized in teaching other Humanities (History, Geography & Social Studies) subjects for O level and A level examinations. Whatever your budgets are, we will do our best to help you find a tutor that matches your tuition needs.


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BrightTutor Home Tuition Agency is a reputable and reliable tuition agency in Singapore when it comes to finding the best private history tutors.

We provide only the best and most qualified humanities home tutors for History Tuition, Geography Tuition and Social Studies Tuition. As we value the education of our students, we strive to provide affordable and effect history home tuition so that your child can get the best home tuition experience. Whether if you are looking for Pure History, Combined History, or H1/H2 History tuition, we will meet your tutoring requirement and find the most suitable history home tutor within a short period. Engage us for free tuition enquiry today!

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