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Biology is the study of living organism. It is basically the science of life. Biology itself may be complex however it is practical and can be very interesting. This subject is introduced to students in Singapore during their primary school years. From basic biology like learning how plants reproduce, to advance biology about molecules, Biology covers a wide range of science beyond imagined. 

Biology can also be very complex when it overlaps with other sciences. For example, Biophysics is the study of biology and physics. Learning about biology can widen your career prospects. Not only that, it opens your world of science to be able to learn more in depth about living things. 

Students in Singapore are being exposed to biology during primary 3. It is a compulsory subject for a student to study biology until Secondary two. Afterwards, students may choose to opt in Biology as a subject for their upper secondary and even in junior college.

As the subject goes up through the level, it gets more complex and tough. It may be difficult to score and excel in biology, even if you are very interested in the subject. You need to really understand and memorize certain concepts and understanding to score in biology.

Fred not, here at Bright Tutor, we are committed in finding you the right and suitable tutor to guide you in a subject that is interesting yet challenging. We ensure that our tutor is able to make students able to cope learning biology. One to one biology tuition with Bright Tutor will definitely make learning efficient as our tutor are experienced in teaching biology and making the subject much bearable.

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