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Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS)

Admissions Exercise for International Students, or also known as AEIS is an admission exercise conducted by MOE during early October for international students. AEIS is for those who wish to join primary or secondary schools in January of the coming year. AEIS comprises of a test on English and mathematics to assess the student’s English literacy and Mathematical capabilities. The results of AEIS will determine if they are eligible for primary or secondary school education and also if there are vacancies in the selected schools. 

AEIS has eight different levels from primary two till secondary 3. The difficulty depends on the level applicant applied for, and if you need any guidance at any level, Bright Tutor can find a suitable tutor for you. 

Applicants who applied for AEIS may be pressurized as the education system in Singapore is very competitive and demanding. For those who come from countries with not so demanding in education, they can struggle to strive for the test. The syllabus may vary from other countries. As applicants are also competing with the locals for a place in primary or secondary school, they are expected to get a good result for their AEIS.

To excel in AEIS, it is recommended for applicants to have a home tutor to guide and teach you how to tackle AEIS. There are numerous benefits to engaging a local AEIS home tutor in Singapore who is experienced in the AEIS syllabus and marking standards. As applicant may be unsure of how AEIS syllabus or marking criteria works, it is better to have a tutor whom can advise you with regards to excelling AEIS.

Bright Tutor will ensure that our home tutor is experienced in the AEIS syllabus and marking standards to better prepare the applicants. We are determined that our private tutor can guide the applicant through giving them preparatory courses to get them ready for AEIS. Our private tutors in Singapore are qualified to teach applicants the relevance of both English and mathematics to equip them well for AEIS. With that, those applicants will be prepared for their AEIS and excel it!

At Bright Tutor, we engage only qualified, experienced and trustworthy AEIS tutors who will give their best results. At their current affordable rates, it is a good idea to strongly consider giving AEIS private tuition to let your child to take the AEIS exam.

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